GTA Online Weekly Update LIVE: 11 February 2021 - New Podium Car, GTA$ & discounts!

A new week means one thing for GTA Online players, a new weekly update on the horizon.

With title update 1.53 also arriving this week it has been a busy time for GTA players.

This update will hopefully bring some awesome new content and discounts to Los Santos.

Last time we got the Squaddie, as well as some awesome discounts. Let's take a look at what we could be getting this week!

GTA Online weekly update release date

The new GTA Online weekly update is here!

GTA Online Weekly Update TN 2
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UPDATE TIME: A new week means a new update in GTA Online!

As always, players are scouring Los Santos looking for what is new and what's changed.

Podium car

This week's podium car over at the Diamond Casino is the Vapid Dominator GTX.

vapid dominator GTA online
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FREEBIE: Who doesn't want a free car?

Usually it would set you back $725,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos, so it's definitely worth some time trying to get your spin just right!


There are plenty of excellent discounts this week around Los Santos.

  • Buckingham Valkyrie - 40%
  • Ocelot Swinger - 40%
  • Albany Roosevelt Valor - 40%
  • Albany Roosevelt - 40%
gta online nightclub
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ESCAPISM: You can't go there in real life, but the party is always on in Los Santos
  • Nightclub & Nightclub renovations - 40%
  • Buckingham Luxor Deluxe - 40%
  • Buckingham Luxor - 40%
  • Buckingham Swift Deluxe - 40%
  • Buckingham Swift - 40%

Bonus GTA$ & RP

This week there are two TRIPLE GTA$ & RP activities, which is a great way to grind out some extra cash.

The first is Shotgun Wedding deathmatches, and the second is the adversary mode Til Death Do Us Part.

Time Trial

This week's Time Trial is the Power Station. It has a par time of 01:26.60

RC Bandito Time Trial

This week's RC Bandito Time Trial is Vespucci Beach. It has a par time of 02:55.00

Twitch Prime bonuses

  • Progen Tyrus - 70% off
  • Annihilator Stealth - 35% off

Cayo Perico deals?

So far in 2021 we've seen a number of Cayo Perico vehicles make their way over to San Andreas. Las week it was the Squaddie, what could it be this time?

We are still checking the update to find out!

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