Nacon Developing “Premium” Direct Drive Wheel With New Racing Division

a logo for revosim by nacon on a black background

a logo for revosim by nacon on a black background

If you’re looking to upgrade your racing setup with a direct-drive wheel, there are more choices than ever before from leading brands like Moza, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec. Now, a new player is entering this increasingly crowded sim racing market: Nacon.

Nacon creates new racing department

During Bigben Week, Nacon announced a new department dedicated to racing. Within this division is a new premium hardware brand called Revosim, which is developing Nacon's first-ever direct-drive wheel.

The unnamed wheel will feature a direct-drive motor combined with a GT steering wheel and a pedal set with a load cell. Interestingly, users can customize the experience with a mobile app.

Nacon Revosim logo
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Having worked with KT Racing over the last ten years publishing WRC, TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge, and the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, Nacon is no stranger to the racing genre. Considering the French company already designs and distributes a wide range of gaming peripherals from controllers to headphones, launching a dedicated racing hardware brand seems like a natural step.

Nacon says the Revosim wheel “represents a technological concentration of reactivity, precision, and quality.” The announcement comes after Turtle Beach recently launched its first direct-drive wheel to meet the increasing demand for premium sim racing hardware.

There are still many unanswered questions about the French publisher’s first “premium steering wheel.” No product photos have been shown yet, while pricing details and hardware compatibility are yet to be confirmed.

A yellow ford mustang is parked in front of a workshop in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.
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Technical specifications also remain unknown. It’s probably safe to say it will be compatible with Nacon-published racing titles like Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, which now has a confirmed release date. 

A prototype was shown behind closed doors on a d-box simulator at Bigben week. “We are proud to be presenting, for the first time, the prototype of our first premium racing wheel during Bigben Week,” said Sebastien Waxin, director of Nacon’s Racing department.

“Its development represents a natural step in the evolution of Nacon’s expertise, epitomized by the new brand Revosim, which combines the company’s many years of experience in racing simulations with the flagship Revolution accessories brand.

More technical details will be revealed in “the coming months.” We’ll most likely see the full reveal at Gamescom this August.

Are you excited about a new player entering the direct drive wheel market? Let us know in the comments below.

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