LEGO 2K Drive: Drive Pass Season 3 brings new tiers, rewards, and game mode

LEGO 2K Drive Drive Pass Season 3

LEGO 2K Drive Drive Pass Season 3

Drive Pass Season 3 is heading to LEGO 2K Drive, and with it comes some big changes in Bricklandia. From new tiers to new rewards, and even a new game mode, things won’t ever be the same in the world of LEGO 2K Drive again.

Building rewards

LEGO 2K Drive’s Drive Pass Season 3 is packed with new rewards for players to unlock in Bricklandia. Both free and Premium rewards are available to spark the imagination of racers, making you stand out from the rest of the brick grid.

The free vehicles coming as part of Drive Pass Season 3 include a four-wheeled chunk of cheese and an apocalypse-inspired big rig perfect for destroying the competition. Nine vehicles are available as Premium tier rewards, so there are plenty of new wheels for players to try out.

LEGO 2K Drive Drive Pass Season 3
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Along with the new vehicles, the Premium rewards include 25 Brick Packs, 10 Drivers, six Flairs, eight Sounds, 26 Stickers and more. In total, 84 rewards are available as part of the Platinum tier.

Newly added Timed Tasks also enable players to earn rewards faster, with Daily and Weekly objectives available to snag those precious Brickbux and bonus Drive Pass XP. Now you can get rewards faster and earn your way to new cars whilst having more fun.

It’s not just the challenges and reward payouts that are being overhauled in Drive Pass Season 3, however.

Creating racing

A new Custom Rules mode is coming to LEGO 2K Drive as part of Drive Pass Season 3. Now players can create their own Play With Friends multiplayer races, switching up the rules from the norm to ramp up the fun.

Shared World, Race, and Brick Brawl game modes are eligible for Custom Rules, with each set of created rules able to be saved as presets. Reverse Races also allow you to experience select tracks backwards, adding an extra element to the grid.

LEGO 2K Drive Drive Pass Season 3
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The unique customisations don’t stop there either. The Part Locator tool in the garage now lets you search for specific LEGO bricks using their respective ID numbers, making parts much easier to find when building your cars.

So now you can utilise more customisation for your cars, before heading out on track to race in your newly customised events. Drive Pass Season 3 definitely brings the imagination back into LEGO 2K Drive.

LEGO 2K Drive Drive Pass Season 3 will be available from 13 December on all platforms. Please note however that not all features will be available on Nintendo Switch. If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, don't forget you can download LEGO 2K Drive for free on PlayStation this month for some family racing fun at Christmas.

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