SnowRunner Anniversary DLC - Free content for every player!

The arrival of SnowRunner Season 4 has seen some huge steps for the Focus Home Interactive simulation title.

Not only is the game now on Steam and Nintendo Switch, it has also joined Xbox Game Pass.

Along with all that goodness, a free DLC has also arrived!

Anniversary DLC

The free Anniversary DLC is available on every platform and for every player, regardless of what edition of the game you are playing on.

It's a freebie from Focus Home Interactive to celebrate the new season and the first birthday of SnowRunner!

Within the pack is two new vehicles! An excellent little bonus for players that will help with the tricky jobs that need to be completed.

The CAT 681 and International HX 520 give new options for adventuring across the harsh landscapes of SnowRunner, and let players look good doing it!

CAT 681

The CAT 681 is a robust, all-terrain heavyweight with plenty of storage space and the power to make it across even the harshest of maps.

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With a sturdy construction it’s less prone to breakage than other trucks. Making it ideal if you aren't super-careful in SnowRunner!

International HX 520

The International HX 520 can attach to any number of large trailers and is perfect for hauling cargo across the most intense terrain.

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It joins a fleet of more than 40 others in giving you every option for conquering the wilderness.

Year 2 Pass

Along with all the awesome new Season 4 content that drops today, the Year 2 Pass was unveiled!

Now available for purchase, it maps out four future Seasons for players to enjoy.

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