When does MotoGP 23 come out?

Everyone is excited about the upcoming Milestone title, but when does MotoGP 23 come out? The usual announcement window for the annual MotoGP game came and went in February.

Players around the world were worried by the silence from Milestone, who have taken on more titles over the last 12 months than previously. But we have finally got some news about MotoGP 23.

When does MotoGP 23 come out?

Milestone has finally confirmed we are getting MotoGP 23! After more than a month of anxious waiting, a reveal trailer has dropped for MotoGP 23. This year marks a decade of continuous annual MotoGP games from Milestone. An impressive feat.

There's been a common release window during that time, with the MotoGP game being released in late April. With MotoGP 22 being released on 21st April 2022. We were hoping for a similar date for MotoGP 23, but unfortunately we will have to wait a bit longer.

MotoGP 23
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The official MotoGP 23 release date is 8 June, 2023. That is about six weeks later than usual, and means the game will launch after five rounds of this year's MotoGP championship have already run.


MotoGP 23 will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC as expected, but it will also be on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch once again.

MotoGP 23
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This is good news for players that are still on old-gen consoles, but it should be a worry for players that are on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. It suggests that the game's engine hasn't advanced much once again, and will leave players wondering exactly when Milestone will make the next big leap in the franchise.

Launch trailer

The first trailer for MotoGP 23 has finally dropped. Milestone took their time lifting the lid this year, but we have finally got a glimpse of the new game.

This year's game will bring dynamic weather to the track and create plenty of difficult racing scenarios for players to master.

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