Assetto Corsa 2 gets a release window

Assetto Corsa 2 gets a release window

Assetto Corsa 2 gets a release window

Assetto Corsa Competizione is one of the finest racing simulations, but fans are eagerly anticipating Assetto Corsa 2.

It’s no secret that Assetto Corsa 2 is in active development. Back in 2021, Assetto Corsa 2 was announced with a planned 2024 release. Now, thanks to a new financial report we have a clearer idea of when the sequel will arrive.

Assetto Corsa 2 set for Spring 2024 release

According to a half-year financial report from Digital Bros (the parent company of Assetto Corsa developer Kunos Simulazioni and publisher 505 Games), Assetto Corsa 2 is set for a Spring 2024 release.

That means we can look forward to Assetto Corsa 2 launching between March and June 2024.

Assetto Corsa 2 gets a release window
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“The second version of Assetto Corsa is currently in development and its launch is scheduled for Spring 2024,” the statement says.

It’s not surprising that a sequel for Assetto Corsa was greenlit when you look at the impressive sales figures. The Assetto Corsa franchise has enjoyed strong sales, generating over €104 million in revenue with over 28 million copies sold as of 31 December 2022 according to the financial report.

New engine

While we now have a release window, Assetto Corsa 2 hasn’t been revealed yet so little is known about the sim racing sequel yet.

What we do know, however, is that Assetto Corsa 2 will run on a brand-new engine developed in-house like the original game. This is unlike Assetto Corsa Competizione, which is powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Whereas Assetto Corsa Competizione only features GT race cars, Assetto Corsa 2 will likely focus on road cars as well as thoroughbred racing cars like the original game.

Platforms are yet to be confirmed, but PC will likely be the lead platform to allow modding support. Continued modding support has helped keep Assetto Corsa nearly ten years after its original release.

Given the series’ strong sales, Assetto Corsa 2 will likely get a console port on current platforms after the initial PC release.

If Assetto Corsa 2 is set for a Spring 2024 release, we could get an official announcement and trailer before the end of 2023.

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