CarX Street: 5 potential features for launch, police chases, factions & more

CarX Street features

CarX Street features

CarX Street may have been delayed until 2023, but there are some very exciting features in the game. Developers CarX Technologies have been very active on Steam, asking the community they built up thanks to CarX Drift what they'd like to see in CarX Street.

We're sure that CarX Tech will incorporate some, if not all of these suggested features into Street. Here are five of the best that we've seen put forward.

CarX Street Features - Police chases

Back in October 2021, CarX Tech uploaded a post to their Steam Community Hub that asked what the players' "most desirable aspects of freeride" are. In other words, what the players would like to be able to do the most when free-roaming around the game's city.

Steam user BLUEBLUR13 was one of the many responses and requested, amongst other things, "Police chases".

NFS Most wanted cops
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FEEL THE HEAT: Series like NFS became famous, thanks in part to their police chases

It should be obvious, but unlicenced street racing is illegal, no matter which country you're in. So, in a real-world scenario, if street racing was becoming a regular fixture, the law would get involved.

Some have been comparing CarX Street to the old Need for Speed games and it's easy to see why. NFS has been faltering for a long time and if Street can recapture that series' former glory, it'll be extremely popular.

The police are a tough balance to get right in games like this though, so CarX Tech will have to be careful when implementing them. NFS Heat made the police too powerful and therefore annoying, while games like NFS Undercover made them far too weak.

They have to be challenging, but also beatable and relatively easy to escape on lower heat levels.


Customisation will be a huge aspect to CarX Street and it's been confirmed by CarX Tech. The extent to which you can personalise your car though, hasn't been, so there's huge scope for improvement.

Going off the screenshots and teaser trailer we've seen so far, body kits, wheels, paint schemes and spoilers will all be able to be added.

CarX Street garage
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WHERE THE REAL WORK HAPPENS: Ensuring your ride is as fast as it looks will be key in CarX Street

However, decals such as neon lights, custom horns and the interiors of the cars are left open to speculation. More importantly to some though, what happens under the hood hasn't been discussed much. We imagine this will be a system that has been built on the foundations laid by CarX Drift.

As this is a PC game first, we could get a very detailed performance upgrading system for the cars. This could be something similar to what we've seen in game series such as Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo.

Degrading parts

Another question that was posed to the CarX fandom was whether they'd like to see degradable parts in CarX Street. This is a controversial feature in gaming, and it always has been.

For sim racing especially, degradable components on your car is realistic, as any car owner would tell you this happens in real-life.

CarX Street tuning
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NOTHING LASTS FOREVER: There's a possibility that parts could be degradable in CarX Street

The issue lies in playability and accessibility though, as something as technical as this could put casual players off. It's not entirely clear how arcade and how sim CarX Street will be. Street would be in the minority of arcade games if it included degradable parts into its feature list, though.

The best compromise here would be to make it an optional feature, for offline at least. That way, if the hardcore players want to make degradable components a part of their experience, they can. As for the more casual players, they can keep playing in the same way that they did in CarX Drift.

There is also a third option of sorts, as there could be some parts that never degrade that you only unlock once you reach the top levels of experience.

Fast Travel

CarX Street will be a free-roaming open-world racing game, that's in no doubt. So, getting around this world will take time. Even the fastest motor will struggle to quickly get to a race in the mountains when you're in the heart of the city.

CarX Street world
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IT'S A BIG WORLD OUT THERE: Street's city looks huge from what we've seen so far

Steam user Skylar_V put forward a few suggestions, including the ability to fast travel. This sounds like a relatively mundane idea, it's hardly original, but it would make a huge difference to Street's accessibility.

If you only have an hour or two per day free to play games, cutting down on travel times really helps you progress through it.

They also added that fast travel should only be available for areas you've driven down before. So, to unlock fast travel everywhere, you need to explore the entire map.


Something that's been confirmed in a sense is factions. CarX Street's factions, or clubs will play a huge role in how you approach the single-player mode. It's possible that at the start of the game, you join one of at least three clubs and go racing under them.

CarX street drift united
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IN DA CLUB: CarX Tech have been very quiet about what these clubs or factions will mean in Street

What's also possible is these could be rival factions vying for control of the city, not dissimilar to what we saw in NFS Carbon. So far we've seen Drift United, Drift Devils, Speedline Syndicate and, Speed Hunters featured in screenshots. We'd wager there will be more revealed close to the release date as well.

Could it possible to create your own faction or club and take over the city that way? We'll have to wait and see...

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