GRID Legends gets a Photo Mode in latest update

One of the most requested features in GRID Legends missing at launch is a Photo Mode. Over the last week, Codemasters has teased a Photo Mode is coming in an upcoming update. That update arrives today, adding a Photo Mode to GRID Legends for the first time in the franchise.

Photo Mode now available in GRID Legends

The GRID Legends Photo Mode is available now in a free update, allowing virtual photographers to capture picture-moment shots of the best moments of the race. It can be accessed in a variety of game modes including Race Creator.

GRID Legends photo mode London
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Virtual photographers will love the new photo mode in GRID Legends.

Photos can be tweaked with a variety of options such as camera roll, depth of field, zoom, motion blur, and shutter speed to get the perfect shot. Numerous effects can also be applied such as filters, contrast, and saturation to create artistic shots. You can even adjust the lighting by changing the position of the sun.

The Photo Mode update arrives after the fan-favourite demolition derby mode returned to GRID Legends with the Classic Car-Nage Pack DLC.

Photo Challenge

To celebrate the new Photo Mode, Codemasters has partnered with Porsche, Fordzilla, The London Eye, Xite, and more to launch the GRID Legends Photo Challenge.

GRID Legends photo mode Brabham
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Your photos could be featured in GRID Legends by entering Codemasters' new photo challenge.

Running from 8 July to 7 August, new challenges will launch every two days getting players to snap shots of cars, liveries, and iconic locations. The best community images will be shared on Codemasters’ website and possibly in-game.

GRID Legends Update 3.2 Patch Notes

As well as the new Photo Mode, the latest update includes several bug fixes and improvements. Here are the GRID Legends update 3.2 patch notes for a full list of changes.

New Features

This patch coincides with the addition of Photo Mode, available as a free inclusion for all players. You can read more about that here.


  • Some additional ‘Summer’ livery patterns have been added
  • Various situations that would cause the game to crash have been resolved
  • Several instances of flickering vehicles or textures have been fixed
  • Several issues relating to player logos have been fixed
  • Several other minor bug fixes have been made
  • ‘Whipping Along,’ ‘Demolished,’ and ‘Transformed,’ Achievements now longer unlock incorrectly
  • Disabling AI will no longer instantly end a Classic Car-Nage event when set to ‘Offline’


  • Flashbacks are now enabled in Weekly and Monthly Challenges
  • The Fordzilla event no longer appears multiple times on the home screen
  • Spectating Classic Car-Nage events now shows when others are wrecked
  • Switching logos will now update the logo colours on Weekly and Monthly leaderboards
  • Players no longer spawn with yellow health bars in Classic Car-Nage events
  • Cross-play users can now be reinvited to a lobby they may have previously left
  • Spectating an eliminated driver in Elimination events no longer causes camera issues

Driven to Glory & Career

  • The ‘Fully Upgraded - Renault R26’ event now unlocks correctly
  • Event objective “Semi-Pro Touring Cars - Fully Upgraded - Classic Touring Car” now unlocks correctly
  • Completing the “Fully Upgraded - Amateur Track Day” objective now passes correctly
  • Completing any Semi-Pro Career Events no longer locks Gauntlet events
  • Issues with registering damage at different speeds have been resolved
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  • Getting disqualified during ‘Catch my Drift?’ no longer passes the objective
  • Completed Career events now add to the progress bar correctly
  • Trophy icons no longer overlap on Driven to Glory results screens
  • Screen no longer becomes blurred when colliding with barriers and using Flashback


  • The ‘Motion Blur’ setting now functions correctly
  • Multiple adjustments to AI behaviours have been made

Art and Visual Effects/UI

  • Fireworks no longer stop working after the first Driven to Glory event on PS5
  • Classic Car-Nage vehicle headlights are now more visible during all times of day
  • Damaged body panels no longer appear intact from inside the Jupiter Freighter
  • Headlights from other cars can no longer be seen through tyre walls/roads in the wet
  • Yellow ‘!’ notification no longer appears in the Logo Editor incorrectly
  • Adjustments to certain settings in the Race Creator are no longer extremely sensitive
  • Vehicle thumbnails are no longer missing in the Race Creator


  • Debug text no longer displays in certain instances
  • Several translation and wording tweaks have been made
  • Instances of radio calls being repeated by Yume have been resolved
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