New GRID Legends update adds Multi-Round Events to Race Creator

Since it was released in February, Codemasters has done a commendable job updating GRID Legends with new content and gameplay improvements.

Recent updates added a photo mode, while demolition derby returned to the GRID series in the Classic Car-Nage DLC pack. The latest GRID Legends patch update (update 3.3) has arrived on all platforms, bringing a long-requested feature to Race Creator.

Multi-Round Events

One of the most requested features is the ability to create online and offline Multi-Round Events in the Race Creator. Now you can do that in the latest update.

In Race Creator, you can now select up to four events to play consecutively. Before, you had to return to the main menu and start a new event.

GRID Legends Multi-Round Events
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The first highlighted event dictates which Car Class and Options will be used for all of the events in a Multi-Round Event. From here, the location, route, and time of day can be changed in events two, three, and four, but the Car Class from the first event stays the same.

Players are randomly paired into teams in Multi-Round Events, with points awarded based on finishing positions in each event. This means if you don’t perform well in the first event, you still have a chance to win overall.

New Fordzilla event

A new Fordzilla event has also been added to GRID Legends. If you’re at Gamescom, you can try GRID Legends in the TFZ-P1 simulator for a chance to win prize. The limited-time Fordzilla event in Barcelona can also be found at the in-game Dynamic Events.

GRID Legends Team Fordzilla
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GRID Legends update 3.3 patch notes

The latest update also includes a number of bug fixes and improvements outlined in the GRID Legends update 3.3 patch notes below.

New Features

This patch coincides with the addition of Multi-Round Events, available as a free inclusion for all players. You can read more about that here.


  • A “Clear All Current In-Game Notifications” (!) option has been added (Options > Gameplay > OSD)
  • Suffering terminal damage no longer results in invalid laps being posted to Event leaderboards
  • Invalid laps no longer carry over to the next lap in Time Attack events
  • The camera is now movable when angled at 90 degrees in Photo Mode
  • AI drivers are now more proficient during Classic Car-Nage events
  • An exploit by exceeding track limits before crossing the line in Time Trial has been fixed
  • Players are no longer able to drive the wrong way around the track before disqualification
  • Using boost while accelerating no longer consumes two boost tokens
  • All inputs are correctly recognised when using the Logitech G920


  • Turning off vehicles upgrades in Race Creator now works as intended
  • AI can now be disabled in Online Time Attack sessions
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  • Vehicles upgrades are applied to all users during Events
  • Spectated eliminated drivers in Elimination now behave as intended
  • When selected, grid order is now more random
  • Several minor game flow and UI adjustments have been made

Driven to Glory & Career

  • Notifications (!) for new unlocks no longer remain incorrectly
  • Dozens of fixes have been made pertaining to the completion of Objectives, event unlocking criteria, and UI have been made throughout Driven to Glory and Career


  • Several stability adjustments have been made, reducing the frequency of game crashes
  • Some scenarios that incorrectly unlock Achievements/Trophies have been fixed


  • Photo Mode UI navigation sounds have been added
  • Commentators no longer incorrectly state that drivers are close together
  • Some adjustments to the TFZ-P1 audio have been made
  • Several translation and localisation tweaks have been made
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