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New Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Trailer Drops This Week

New Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Trailer Drops This Week

As one of the most anticipated racing games of 2024, fans are eager to see more of the long-delayed Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. Fear not, because Nacon has confirmed a new TDUSC trailer is dropping this week following September’s cruising trailer. Christmas is coming early for TDU fans.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown The Racer trailer coming this week

Announced on the game’s official Discord server, a new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer called The Racer will drop on Wednesday 13 December, giving fans a fresh look at the highly anticipated open-world racer. It’s unclear what the trailer will show, but the title suggests it will focus on racing rather than TDUSC’s lifestyle and social elements.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown The Racer trailer teaser
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A Corvette ZR1 and Lamborghini Huracan Performante racing at night feature prominently in the thumbnail teaser.

We may also learn more details about the player’s role in the campaign, which sees players join either the Sharps or Streets clans and compete for the Solar Crown title around Hong Kong Island. Recreated at a 1:1 scale, TDUSC’s recreation of Hong Kong Island features over 375 miles (600km) of roads and varied terrain to explore.

New Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer
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While racing luxury sports cars is obviously a key focus, socialising will be at the forefront of TDUSC. Players can meet at the Solar Crown Hotel and dealerships, chat, and explore each other’s cars.

Buying and customising cars at the dealership will be an experience but you won’t be handed high-performance cars at the start of the game like in Forza Horizon 5. According to Nacon, it will take 100 hours to unlock the best cars in the game. This slower progression should make for a rewarding experience that makes you bond with your car. 

Will we find out the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown release date?

One of the biggest unanswered questions about TDUSC is the release date. Following a delay, TDUSC is slated for an early 2024 release, but the release date is still unknown. If TDUSC is still on track for an early 2024 release, we’ll likely find out the release date in the new trailer as the marketing campaign shifts into high gear.

That would be the best early Christmas present for TDU fans. We can’t wait to see more of TDUSC this week.

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