Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Trailer Shows New Race and Customisation Gameplay

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Trailer Shows New Race and Customisation Gameplay

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Trailer Shows New Race and Customisation Gameplay

Following September’s slow-paced cruising gameplay, a new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer has emerged.

In our best look at TDUSC yet, new gameplay footage showcases high-speed races around Hong Kong Island and in-depth customisation.

Racing variety

Featuring in-engine footage, the new trailer focuses on racing and forming rivalries with other players. A Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is shown charging through the streets of Hong Kong Island weaving through traffic and racing a Lamborghini Huracan Performante.

This highlights Instant Challenges, enabling players to set up head-to-head races with rivals. If you encounter a rival you want to race, approaching them and flashing your headlights will invite them to a spontaneous race.

If a challenge is accepted, a finish line is generated randomly on the map depending on your location and players can bet on the winner with Solar Coins. There are no vehicle or performance rating limits in Instant Challenges, or they can be disabled.

Other race types confirmed in the latest TDUSC newsletter include Circuit, Sprint, Time Attack, and Domination. The latter are point-to-point races where players earn points based on their position when reaching a checkpoint.

Test Drive Unlimited The Racer trailer customisation Instant Challenge
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KT Racing confirmed that more race modes and challenges are planned for post-launch updates, including “some very popular ones from TDU 2.”

Live events from random time attacks to betting challenges will also pop up around Hong Kong Island offering exclusive rewards. All races are primarily multiplayer events with AI drivers filling in empty slots. This could mean that TDUSC requires a permanent online connection like The Crew Motorfest, but Nacon hasn’t confirmed this yet.

Comprehensive customisation

We also get a new look at TDUSC’s extensive customisation options. While visiting Workshops scattered around the map, you can enhance a car’s performance and customise its visual appearance in a livery editor shown in the trailer.

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Modifications such as intakes, exhaust, brakes, transmissions, aerodynamics, and cooling will affect your car’s performance. Options to fit aftermarket rims for the first time in the series are also shown in the trailer.

Test Drive Unlimited The Racer trailer customisation
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Along with assists like ABS and traction control, driving presets will also allow you to tailor the driving experience. Each car has a stock preset, with the option to choose from three others that change the dynamics including sport, relaxed, rain, off-road, and more.

Closed playtest coming soon

After 5,000 players enjoyed early access to TDUSC in a closed playtest, Nacon is offering another chance to test the game early. The next closed playtest will start “in the coming weeks” and will be open to more players.

Those who entered the first two playtests will be automatically invited. If you haven’t already, you can register for the closed playtest by signing up to the TDU newsletter.

Still no release date

From the trailer, TDUSC looks like it’s getting closer to the finish line. The visuals look more polished and the Corvette’s aggressive exhaust notes sound excellent, particularly when it enters an underground car park. Admittedly, the environment looks empty in some shots with sparse traffic and no pedestrains, but there’s still time to improve this before the final release.

Test Drive Unlimited The Racer trailer customisation Corvette ZR1
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Sadly, we still don’t have a final release date. TDUSC is slated for a 2024 release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. However, a Nacon financial report suggests TDUSC is set to release in February or March 2024. If TDUSC is still on track for early 2024, we should find out the release date early in the new year.

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