The Crew 3 could be called Motorfest and set in Hawaii

Ivory Tower and Ubisoft have done a commendable job supporting The Crew 2 with new season updates, Motorpasses adding new cars, and weekly challenges.

But with the open-world racer entering its fifth year of content updates this year, fans are wondering what’s next for the franchise. New rumours suggest the next game in the series will ditch The Crew branding and be set in a new location.

The Crew 3 reportedly renamed to Motorfest

Known internally as Project Orlando, Insider Gaming reports that The Crew 3 may have been renamed to Motorfest.

The Crew 3
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Images sent to the publication that have not been released publicly reportedly show a prominent Motorfest logo on electronic billboards, car number plates, and in the loading menu. Notably, The Crew branding was nowhere to be seen in the images according to Insider Gaming.

Other images obtained by Insider Gaming reportedly show an option to import garage cars from The Crew 2.

However, it’s still possible the next entry will be called The Crew 3: Motorfest. Alternatively, Motorfest could be a major feature like a racing festival in the game.

Hawaii location

The first two Crew games let you explore a massive recreation of The United States and drive coast to coast. According to Insider Gaming, The Crew 3 will be set in the Hawaii island of Oahu and run on a new engine.

The Crew 3
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This suggests The Crew 3’s map will be smaller in scale than the last two games but more detailed.

It sounds like a throwback to the original Test Drive Unlimited, which also took place in Hawaii. It’s also no coincidence that Test Drive Unlimited’s Game Director Stephane Beley is one of Ivory Tower’s founders.  

We’ll have to wait for Ubisoft to officially reveal The Crew 3, so take these rumours with a pinch of salt for now.

Exactly when that will happen is unknown, but we’re hoping to see The Crew 3 revealed at E3 next year. By then, The Crew 2 will be five years old, so a sequel is overdue.

If The Crew 3 is released next year, it will face competition from Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown currently in production by Kylotonn Racing and slated for a 2023 release.

Incidentally, Solar Crown is being led by Alain Jarniou, who also worked on the first two Test Drive Unlimited games. This means we could see an interesting scenario with two former TDU developers going head to head.

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