Wreckfest January update lets you smash cars with giant snowballs

Wreckfest is the gift that keeps on giving. Since Bugbear Entertainment’s superb banger racing game smashed onto PC and consoles, numerous updates have added new cars and locations as well as improvements to the game engine.

One of the most significant updates was the introduction of a monthly online Tournament. These curated events offer “Fame” reward points that can be used to buy custom paint jobs and special vehicles like a Mad Max-style armoured truck to satisfy your appetite for destruction. An update last summer even added the Eagle-R from Carmageddon and a map filled with zombies for you to run over.

Wreckfest Winter Fest update goes live

Kicking off the new year, the new Winter Fest Tournament is now live in Wreckfest, adding a slew of free content to get you through the January blues. The new weekly events in the winter-themed update include demolition races, demolition derbies and time attacks in snow-covered tracks and arenas for some sideways fun.

Wreckfest Winter Fest update
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Wreckfest's winter-theme update adds a slew of free content to enjoy

The main event lets you loose in a tiny toy car with a special modification: it can fire giant snowballs at rival cars, reducing them to mangled wrecks. It looks like a lot of fun in the action-packed trailer and the update is free, so what are you waiting for? Time to get wrecked!

The only downside is that the snow tracks are not available in single-player outside the online Tournament mode. This month’s prize available in the tournament shop is a bundle of classic Killerbee paint jobs, which veteran players will recognise from when Wreckfest was in Steam Early Access. This bundle will cost 20,000 Fame points, so you’ll need to wreck a lot of cars to save up those precious points.


Wreckfest's new winter-themed update lets you smash up cars with giant snowballs

In addition, the update adds several bug fixes. You can check out the changes in the patch notes below:   

Release notes

Game versionPS5: 1.018PS4: 02.18XB1/XSX/XSS: 1.282218

System(PS5/PS4/XB1/XSX/XSS) Game no longer crashes for certain users after finishing a tournament event.(XB1/XSX/XSS) The previously active user account data is not longer overwritten after switching accounts.


New tournament season: Winter Fest.New tournament reward paintjobs for Killerbee.

What’s next for Wreckfest?

Bugbear has stayed tight-lipped about what the future holds for Wreckfest. The final car pack for the Season 2 Pass was released last year, as were the enhanced PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S ports, but Bugbear hasn’t confirmed if more cars will be added in a Season 3 pass. A Nintendo Switch version of Wreckfest was also announced last year but no release date has been announced yet.

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