Best 2021 Racing Games delayed until 2022

While 2021 hasn't been as bad as 2020 for delayed racing games, there have been some very notable ones. With a new year comes new optimism though, and the following games will finally be released. Here are three of our picks and why we're looking forward to them so much.

#3 - Need for Speed

The next Need for Speed game was meant to launch two years after 2019's Heat. However, thanks to EA needing to prioritise resource towards other games like the new Battlefield, NFS has been left by the wayside. Now though, NFS is set to launch next year, although we don't know when, nor what the game will be called.

What we do know though is that Criterion have been brought back onto NFS for the first time in decades. This is a great sign, as some of the classic NFS titles and the incredible Burnout games were made by the British developer.

need for speed heat
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STILL WAITING: It'll be at least three years since the last NFS game by the time we get a new one

Something else we know is that it will be the first NFS game on the next generation of consoles. Hopefully NFS will be released on PS4 and Xbox One as well, but this hasn't been confirmed. Better graphics, sound, more cars and a new setting are all causes for optimism going into the next NFS title, especially after the improvement that Heat was to the franchise.

#2 - Forza Motorsport

Not to be confused with the new Forza Horizon game that was just released, there will be another Forza Motorsport next year. We don't know what the title of the new Forza will be, but for now, it's been given the tags of "Forza 8" and "Forza Motorsport".

All we have to go on is the teaser trailer, which was released way back when the Xbox Series X was revealed in July 2020. A new Forza will be coming, but we're operating on hope, rather than expectation.

forza motorsport
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WAITING FOR MORE: All we've seen from the next Forza Motorsport is this teaser trailer

That being said, Horizon 5 is awesome and we love it. So, there's no doubt in our mind that Forza 8 will be a fantastic game when it launches. When you add a game series that has produced consistently brilliant racing simulators for the last few decades and you can understand why our confidence is so high for FM's debut on Series X.

#1 - Gran Turismo 7

A game that has been delayed for over a year has been Gran Turismo 7, but good things come to those who wait. PlayStation gamers will definitely be hoping that's the case for them. Unlike the other games in this list, the Real Driving Simulator has both an official name and release date.

There are a lot of details that have been revealed regarding GT7, so there aren't a lot of mysteries here. GT7 will have all of the content from GT Sport and added new tracks and cars on top of that. GT7 will also make full use of the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 system, when it comes to gameplay and visual and audio presentation.

gran turismo 7
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A THING OF BEAUTY: GT7 looks absolutely incredible and we can't wait to experience it

For those wanting the collector's edition, there will be a 25th anniversary version of GT7 to celebrate GT's quarter century of existence. Fanatec have also created a bespoke wheel for GT7, but even if you haven't got the budget for this, the DualShock 5 pad is more than good enough.

With a revamped menu, new photo mode, and a whole lot more GT7 is an early front-runner for racing game of the year 2022 already!

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