BEST Racing Games On Xbox Game Pass

Best racing games on Xbox Game Pass

Best racing games on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass has revolutionised gaming for Xbox players, giving them access to hundreds of games for one low monthly price. It's a brilliant way to try out or play games you wouldn't otherwise have access to, but what are the best racing games on Xbox Game Pass?

Best racing games on Xbox Game Pass

With over 25 million subscribers making use of Xbox Game Pass worldwide, it cannot be overstated how huge the service is. Players on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and even PC can all make full use of Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass Forza Horizon 5
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Subscribers even get Xbox Live Gold and EA Play membership bundled with their package, giving them access to even more titles.

Within the massive gaming library are several racing titles, but which are best? Let's take a look!

Burnout Paradise: Remastered

With no new Burnout game coming anytime soon, it's good news that the latest entry in the series is available on Xbox Game Pass. Burnout Paradise was first released back in 2008, and completely revolutionised racing games with its open world.

Best racing games on Xbox Game Pass Burnout Paradise Remastered
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Despite its lack of real-world cars to race around Paradise City, Burnout Paradise drew attention away from realism and onto the fun aspect of the game. Crashing. 

To celebrate the game's tenth anniversary, EA released Burnout Paradise Remastered, enhancing the game. The sub-par graphics were given a massive upgrade, with the remastered version introducing us all to a stunning Paradise city that gleamed with sunshine and mayhem.

Singple-player Paradise is fun, but the multiplayer side of things is a whole other level. Who doesn't enjoy trying to wreck their friend's cars in an all-out war? With EA Play being an add-on to the game pass, it is easy to go and find Burnout and head to Paradise City.

Forza Horizon 5

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Forza Horizon 5 has been a real slow burner. After a bumpy launch, the game has grown into one of the best open-world racers in recent times. Even with disappointing DLC, Forza Horizon 5 is still an incredible racing title.

Playground Games manages to beautifully blend high-octane racing and relaxing, stunning scenery into the perfect game. The world of Forza Horizon 5 is full of things for players to do, and the story mixes the racing nicely with Mexican heritage and culture.

Best racing games on Xbox Game Pass Forza Horizon 5
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New events, cars, and other unlockables are added to the game each and every week, with the latest major update overhauling the EventLab. This is where players can create their own races, sharing them amongst the community for everyone to enjoy.

If the racing does get too much, there are plenty of other things to do in Mexico. Stunt jumps, speed traps, and drift zones are dotted around the map, with your scores compared against those in your friends list. Photo Challenges and Treasure Hunts are also available to complete.

GRID Legends

This title is seriously underrated. GRID Legends was sadly overshadowed by Gran Turismo 7 last year, but you should definitely try it out. Developed by Codemasters, GRID Legends revolutionises the racing genre with its innovative story mode.

Driven to Glory uses state-of-the-art filmmaking technology for its cut scenes, blending game engine backgrounds with live actors to create an immersive experience. A talented cast, including future Doctor Ncuti Gatwa, bring the characters to life. We finally see Nathan McKane in the flesh in all his smug glory.

Best racing games on Xbox Game Pass GRID Legends
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GRID Legends features some of the most exciting racing currently available. Featuring the GRID World Series, players race all over the world in a multitude of different vehicle classes. A truck race through the centre of Paris could be followed by a downhill sprint in the USA or a wet charge around the streets of London. There really is something for everyone.

GRID Legends is an exhilarating experience in both single and multiplayer. The genius Nemesis AI system means every crash has consequences, with the AI potentially hunting you down over the following races. GRID Legends can be played through EA Play via Xbox Game Pass.

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