Does Rennsport Have VR Support?

Does Rennsport Have VR Support?

Does Rennsport Have VR Support?

Rennsport has finally entered its open beta. Now, fans across the world can go racing in one of the most detailed sim racing titles available. Despite the game looking good on normal monitors, many players still want to know one thing: Does Rennsport have VR support?

Racing immersion

Nothing beats going sim racing in VR. If your stomach can handle the action, strap on a VR headset and line up on the grid.

The ability to turn your head to check your mirrors, watch the apex as you corner, or even watch your rivals disappear out the rear windshield is an experience only lived through using a virtual reality headset.

Does Rennsport Have VR Support?
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The only way to experience true immersion is through racing in VR. Many racing titles have begun to support VR, with Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, iRacing, Le Mans Ultimate, and even F1 24 all allowing players to race with a VR headset.

As the newest racer in the paddock, fans are expecting Rennsport to therefore also have VR support. So does the new title allow fans to experience the true racing immersion?

Does Rennsport have VR support?

With Rennsport now in its open beta, fans are charging towards the grid ready to go racing.

For players who want to race in Rennsport in VR, there’s mixed news. The good news is that Rennsport does support VR, with the ability to race in virtual reality in the game from day one.

Does Rennsport Have VR Support?
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The bad news is that despite the VR support, there’s no official list of supported headsets. It's therefore likely that some players may not be able to race in VR despite owning a mainstream headset.

VR support is said to be at an "early stage of development," so players may experience optimization issues. This will improve as the developer Competition Company gains feedback from the open beta. Known issues with VR have already been identified as well, with these to be patched out in future updates.

Despite the negatives, it’s still a big plus to see Rennsport supporting VR from its first day. Similar games may have left players waiting for a post-launch update to add VR, while Le Mans Ultimate required a tricky workaround in order for players to immerse themselves properly.

For Rennsport players, it’s a case of plugging in the compatible headset and hitting the track.

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