Next WRC Generations Xbox update will fix force feedback issues

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To say that WRC Generations has had a rough launch on Xbox is an understatement.

During launch week, fans were unable to play the WRC Generations Fully Loaded Edition two days early. Since then, the game has been practically unplayable with a wheel on Xbox for several weeks.


While this week’s Xbox patch update fixed a problem where Logitech wheels were causing the game to crash, force feedback still isn’t working on Thrustmaster wheels. Fanatec wheels also aren’t working at all - ironic considering Fanatec is an official partner.

Thankfully, we now have a timeline for when these issues will finally be fixed.

KT Racing working to fix WRC Generations force feedback issues on Xbox

In a Reddit post, KT Racing has issued an update about the current state of WRC Generations on Xbox and when we can expect the next patch.

WRC Generations

“As we announced with the release of patch 2.2.0 on Xbox consoles, we were aware that not all FFB issues would be resolve and stated that an additional game update will be required to resolved them. Today we wanted to share more details about the situation,” the Reddit post reads.

“First, everyone at KT Racing and Nacon are committed to work on resolving those issues, the current situation doesn’t reflect the time and effort the KT Racing team put into while developing WRC Generations; this is not how we want to end our chapter of the WRC series for Xbox players.”

WRC Generations

The post goes on to say that KT Racing is aware Fanatec wheels are not being recognised and force feedback is not working on Thrustmaster TX, TMX, TS-XW, and Logitech G920 wheels.

When is the next WRC Generations Xbox update coming? 

KT Racing is currently working to fix these Xbox wheel issues in the next patch update. The next update will be released “as soon as solutions have been found for each issue and tested to avoid side-effects which could create other problems.”


As for when the next WRC Generations Xbox update patch is likely to arrive, KT Racing expects it to be available “between mid-next week to the end of the month.”

While we didn’t encounter these issues on PS5 or Xbox, it's a shame to see the WRC series end on a sour note for Xbox players. Many frustrated Xbox players have already said they are considering getting a refund.