Will The Crew Motorfest Have Boats and Planes?

Will The Crew Motorfest Have Boats and Planes?

Will The Crew Motorfest Have Boats and Planes?

The Crew 2 introduced boats and planes to the franchise for the first time, bringing an unprecedented variety of vehicles. But will The Crew Motorfest have boats and planes as well?

Will The Crew Motorfest have boats and planes?

In a first for the franchise, The Crew 2 introduced boats and planes to the vehicle roster. Uniquely, this meant you could instantaneously switch between cars, boats, and planes to explore the US by land, sea, and air. Some events took advantage of this with multiple vehicle types in the same race.

The Crew 2 plane
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While the teaser trailer focuses on cars you can drive from the Lamborghini Urus SUV to the classic Shelby Cobra, creative director Stephane Beley confirmed to IGN that boats and planes are returning in The Crew Motorfest: “I call it the Motorfest; I don’t call it Carfest,” he said.

“Because for me it’s important that every motor could be represented inside this experience. I refer to car culture but you will have plenty of stories with boats and planes also, and you will be able to experience this beautiful world from many points of view, from boats on the water or from the air with your plane.”

The Crew Motorfest Shelby Cobra
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With its idyllic blue skies and sun-drenched seas, the Hawaii location will offer plenty of opportunities to test Motorfest’s variety of vehicles.

While the teaser trailer’s festival feel invites comparisons with Forza Horizon, boats and planes in the vehicle roster will help set The Crew Motorfest apart.

That said, we expect the car list will predominately feature supercars and sports cars. Motocross bikes will also likely return from The Crew 2 but this is not confirmed yet.

The Crew Motorfest car list

The full car list hasn't been revealed yet, but the teaser trailer and screenshots have revealed a small selection of cars from super SUVs to classic sports cars.

The Crew Motorfest Lamborghini Urus
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You can check out the full The Crew Motorfest car list here.

Release date

The Crew Motorfest is set for release in 2023 but no firm release date is confirmed yet.

With Ubisoft's Insider Program giving players an early look at the game over the coming months, we don't expect The Crew Motorfest to arrive until the second half of the year, where it will go head to head with Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

As for platforms, The Crew Motorfest is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Amazon Luma.

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