F1 22 to support Nvidia DLSS and RTX On

F1 22 races onto PC and consoles in just over one month. It marks the start of a new era of F1 games, with a new F1 Life mode, revised handling based on the new 2022 rules and regulations, and even driveable supercars.

While there are no plans for PSVR support, F1 22 will be playable in VR for the first time on PC, with support for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive headsets. But this isn’t the only advantage PC players will have.

On PC, F1 22 will also support DLSS and RTX On, boosting the performance and enabling ray-tracing effects. F1 2021 also supported DLSS and RTX.

DLSS and RTX support

Speaking during a keynote for Nvidia's Computex 2022 presentation, Jeff Fisher, Senior Vice President of GeForce, announced that F1 22 will launch with RTX On for GeForce RTX GPUs.

“The popularity of Formula 1 racing continues to grow, as does Codemasters’ F1 racing game,” said Fisher.

“I’m excited to announce that the next season, F1 22, will launch July 1st with RTX On Gamers will feel even more in the driving seat with the cinematics of ray tracing and the performance of DLSS.“

F1 22 Aston Martin
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DLSS support will improve F1 22's performance significantly on PC.

Nvidia’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) uses AI rendering to boost frame rates. It renders the image at a lower resolution while using AI to upscale the image, reducing strain on the GPU. This will enable F1 22 to run at higher settings without sacrificing performance on GeForce RTX GPUs.

RTX On will also enable ray-traced reflections in F1 22, but the system requirements are steep. F1 22 will also require Origin on PC.

F1 22 Miami screenshot
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You'll need a powerful PC to enable ray-tracing in F1 22.

Release date

If you need a reminder of the release date, F1 22 launches on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on 1 July. You can also access F1 22 three days early by preordering the Champions Edition.

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