F1 23 crossplay: Does F1 23 have crossplay?

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After months of anticipation, we finally have the first confirmed F1 23 details, from improved handling to the return of Braking Point. But does F1 23 have crossplay if you want to race online?

Crossplay multiplayer will be crucial for players who want to race with friends on other platforms. Here’s what we know so far about F1 23 crossplay.

What is crossplay?

Crossplay enables players to play online with friends regardless of the platform. For example, PS5 games that support crossplay let you play with others on a PS4.

F1 23 Braking Point 2 screenshot
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Likewise, Xbox Series X|S crossplay games are playable online with players using an Xbox One.

Does F1 23 have crossplay?

F1 22 introduced crossplay multiplayer for the first time in the series, allowing players to race together on multiple platforms. This was one of the community's most highly requested features that was previously absent for years in Codemasters' F1 games. But will F1 23 have crossplay as well?

While F1 22 didn't get crossplay until over a month after launch in August, Codemasters has confirmed F1 23 will have crossplay multiplayer.

F1 23 screenshot Mercedes Miami
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This means players can race each other on all platforms across PlayStation, Xbox and PC when matchmaking. F1 23's new ranked multiplayer will also support crossplay.

This new system groups players together in divisions, with high-performing players moving up to the next rank, with the goal of reaching the Elite division of the top 100 players. Players who fall behind will be demoted to the below division.

Players who reach the Elite division can see where players rank on the global crossplay leaderboard, as well as where they rank on your platform.

F1 23 release date


While we don't know if F1 23 will have crossplay at launch, the release date for this year's F1 game is confirmed.

F1 23 releases on 16 June for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC via EA App, Epic Games Store and Steam. If you want to start racing before then, pre-ordering the Champions Edition gives you access three days earlier on 13 June.

F1 23 sees the long-awaited return of Braking Point, with teammates Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler racing for the newly formed fictional Konnersport Racing team.

The Las Vegas circuit will also be in F1 23 at launch and red flags are returning for the first time since F1 2014.

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