F1 23: How to enable equal performance

F1 23: How to enable equal performance

F1 23: How to enable equal performance

With Red Bull dominating the 2023 season, equal-performance cars would be great in Formula 1 right now. For those looking for a race where Red Bull doesn’t win every time, there is a way to level the playing field in F1 23. Here’s how to enable equal performance in F1 23.

What is equal performance?

Equal performance is exactly that. Instead of each car representing its real-life counterpart, every car is just as fast as the rest on the grid. This means a Haas can finaly race wheel-to-wheel with a Ferrari, a Williams can take on a Mercedes, and an AlphaTauri can conquer a Red Bull.

F1 23 Aston Martin racing Mercedes
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Besides the recent issue with tyre degradation, equal performance allows for only the driver's ability to affect the outcome of the race. All the cars still look the same, but the aerodynamics, engines, and other components of the car are all balanced.

So how do you enable equal performance in F1 23 before starting a race?

How to change equal performance in F1 23

Equal performance is available in both F1 World multiplayer races and co-op career mode. However, to enable equal performance in co-op career mode, you need to change your settings in F1 World.

In F1 World, head into the Multiplayer Events Settings after setting up a multiplayer session. From there, access the Simulation settings, and you’ll find equal performance at the very top. Switch this to on and you’re good to go.

F1 23 F1 World multiplayer lobby
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If this hasn’t enabled equal performance, go to Multiplayer and select the Social Play option. Create a new session and set the lobby settings to No (Open).

Now select the Multiplayer Event Settings, click on Lobby Options, and finally change the car category to F1 World Car and you’re ready to race.

In co-op career mode, it’s important to note equal performance can only be enabled by the host of the session in co-op career sessions.

F1 23 F1 World simulation settings
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It's also possible to race in the 2023 Formula 1 cars with equal performance enabled both online and single-player. This can be set up using the steps above or by hitting the relevant button (Y on Xbox/PC, Triangle on PlayStation) when setting up a Grand Prix race.

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