When does F1 23 come out?

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It's 2023 and we are already just a few weeks away from the new Formula 1 season getting underway, but when does F1 23 come out?

Teams are busy preparing their new challengers, with reveals and winter testing just around the corner. Likewise, Codemasters is hard at work refining the latest in their successful F1 franchise.


But what is the F1 23 release date likely to be? Let's find out!

When does F1 23 come out?

While F1 23 is yet to be announced by Codemasters, we do know it is on the way.

The F1 games have fallen into a pretty standard window in the gaming year, usually arriving in late June/early July.


We expect this to continue for F1 23, with Codemasters aiming for a release date of either 30 June or 7 July.

There will of course be three days early access to F1 23 through a premium edition of the game. This is a staple of the sports game genre and something Codies has done for years. That would place the earliest you at 27 June or 4 July.

F1 22 Japan

This is speculation on our part, but given the history of the franchise we think these estimates will turn out right!

F1 23 features

As with all annual sports titles, our hopes for F1 23 are for small improvements rather than revolutionary leaps forward.

After a year of stagnation, both Career Mode and My Team are in need of a polish. Racers were disappointed to discover that both single-player modes were pretty much identical to F1 2021 and that has led to a steeper dropoff in player numbers than usual.

F1 22 My Team activities

Tweaks to R&D, driver transfer logic, and driver stats would be very welcome.

The headline feature for F1 23 is expected to be the return of story mode. Following F1 2019's Feeder Series and F1 2021's Braking Point, some form of story is almost certain to be back for this year's game.

Whether we continue our journey to the top with Aiden Jackson or start fresh in F2 as a different character is yet to be seen. Both options are certainly appealing, but as long as Devon Butler is involved we'll be happy!

Devon Butler in F1 2021's Braking Point

Outside of all that, crossplay for multiplayer should continue, hopefully with more tools for league organisation and tracking too.