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Forza Motorsport Players Still Getting Invisible Track Glitch After Update 3

Forza Motorsport Players Still Getting Invisible Track Glitch After Update 3
Credit: Shinyodd

After years of hype, Forza Motorsport left a lot of players disappointed. Despite six years of development, the game was plagued with issues at launch. These ranged from stuttering performance on PC to more serious issues like save files getting corrupted.

Despite yesterday’s Update 3 patch promising to fix many of Forza Motorsport’s long-standing issues, one of the most glarnig glitches still isn’t fixed.

Forza Motorsport players still getting invisible track glitch

The invisible tracks are one of the most common and annoying glitches in Forza Motorsport. When this happens, your car falls through the track into oblivion during a race, forcing you to restart. Other players are also still having frame rate issues. Both issues were supposedly fixed according to the Update 3 patch notes.

Forza Motorsport Update 3
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But as an image shared by YouTuber Shinyodd of a car falling through the track shows, yesterday’s update still hasn’t fixed these issues. After installing Update 3, the YouTuber says their frame rate also “bounces between 40-60 constantly” regardless of the settings.

Where is the quality control?

A triple-A racer like Forza Motorsport should never have been released in this state. A few months of extra development time to iron out glitches would likely have prevented the community backlash.

For a triple-A racer to still have game-breaking glitches like this two months after launch is unacceptable. Forza Motorsport still has a long list of known issues, so expect more patches over the coming months.

Forza Motorsport damage
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Sadly, Forza Motorsport isn’t the only 2023 AAA racing game with quality control issues. EA Sports WRC was also plagued with glitches and performance issues, which are still being addressed in patch updates over a month after launch.

Forza Motorsport Update 3 is available to download now. While it seemingly hasn’t fixed these glitches, the update adds the Hockenheim circuit to the track list with three layouts, new Spotlight cars, career events, and Featured Multiplayer events.

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