Forza Motorsport Trailer: Forza Motorsport gameplay stuns in new demo video

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After a long hiatus, Forza Motorsport is returning to the track. Initially announced back in 2020, Forza Motorsport was revealed in full at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 with a new trailer and an extended gameplay demo showcasing the game’s new features and cutting-edge graphics.

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We've rounded up every Forza Motorsport trailer along with the gameplay demo for your viewing pleasure.

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 trailer

The latest Forza Motorsport trailer was revealed at the Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, giving us a first proper look at Turn10’s reboot game in action.

Reimagined for a new generation, the trailer showcases a variety of new cars and motorsport disciplines, new damage modelling, and stunning visuals.


Gameplay demo


For Forza fans, the real highlight of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 was the extended Forza Motorsport gameplay demo. In over five minutes of glorious uncut 4K gameplay footage, Turn 10 took us on a tour of the game in a race at the fan-favourite Maple Valley Circuit.

It’s easy to miss, but the trailer also provides a first look at Circuit Hakone, a new fictional high-speed Grand Prix circuit set in Japan.

Other confirmed Forza Motorsport tracks include Laguna Seca and the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, which makes its Forza Motorsport debut.

Utilising the power of the Xbox Series X, Forza Motorsport looks like a true next-generation racing game. Real-time ray-tracing effects bring the environments to life, highlighting details on engine bays and reflecting other cars on bodywork. 

Unlike Gran Turismo 7, ray-tracing effects aren’t limited to replays or car showrooms: all races will have ray-tracing.

Whether ray-tracing can be switched off to improve performance remains to be seen, but Forza Motorsport will run at 4K and 60fps according to Turn 10.

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We also get a look at Forza Motorsport’s improved damage modelling. Although the body deformation doesn’t seem to be improved likely due to licensing restrictions, individual scratches form on the bodywork and the paint peels away at exposed and raised edges.

Captured using photogrammetry and 3D material scans, environments look more realistic than ever. Every track also has dynamic time of day, with temperature changes affecting track surfaces and grip levels.

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Billed as the "most technically advanced racing game ever made," Forza Motorsport looks sensational. The graphics are a generational leap forward, but what matters most is the driving.

We’ll reserve judgement until we get a hands-on, but Turn 10 says the physics simulation has had a 48 times improvement. Multiple tyre compounds and tyre and fuel management will also add a new element of strategy to races.


Announcement trailer

Forza Motorsport was first unveiled back in July 2020 at Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase.

Lasting only around one minute, the brief announcement trailer showcased Turn 10’s next-generation graphics engine as an Apollo Intensa Emozione tore up Laguna Seca.

Release date

There’s no release date yet, but Forza Motorsport currently has a Spring 2023 release window. This means it will be released on PC and Xbox Series X|S between late March and early June. An Xbox One version has yet to be confirmed.