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Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.33: What is in the surprise patch?

GT7 usually gets an update at the end of every month, bar one or two occasions, but today we got Gran Turismo 7 update 1.33 awaiting us. Does this mean there is new content for players to enjoy? Bug fixes that correct those annoying issues?

Well, not really. This unexpected mid-month patch focuses on one very specific issue, which unfortunately won't impact many players at all. So what's in the patch notes? Let's take a look.

Gran Turismo 7 update 1.33

The normal updates to Gran Turismo 7 would add a few cars to the roster, fix some bugs and maybe correct a few PP balancing issues. Very occasionally we might get a new track layout or new World Circuit events.

The new Super Formula car in Gran Turismo 7, added in the April 2023 update
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That is not the case with update 1.33. This one is aimed at the esports side of Gran Turismo 7. Let's look at the patch notes.

Fixed an issue with the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup 2023 wherein the number of points for Round 1 on 30 April would not display correctly in the points ranking. The correct points earned in Round 1 will be reflected in the ranking after registering a new result from Round 2 on 14 May.

And that's it!

While it's nice to see that Polyphony can make fast fixes when they absolutely have to, it is definitely a frustration to the non-esports masses who have to put up with bugs and a lack of fresh content for months on end.

What will be in the May update?

The usual monthly update is still expected to land at the end of May. This small patch should not replace the content update.

Cars on the Nurburgring Endurance layout
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We expect what will now be update 1.34 to land on Thursday 25 May at around 8am BST. This should be teased in the usual way by Kaz on Twitter the weekend before, and get a reveal on Tuesday 23 May.

Players shouldn't expect a new track or menu book this month, with the new Nurburgring layouts arriving in March and menu book #47 landing in April. That means it is likely to just be 3-5 cars and some bug fixes.

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