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GT7 Weekly Challenges 21 December: Nord star

GT7 Weekly Challenges 21 December

As we wait for news on a potential December update, a fresh batch of GT7 Weekly Challenges has arrived. Introduced in November’s Spec II update, these weekly challenges task players with scoring a podium in five different races, one of which is completely new to the game.

Let’s take a look at what the latest GT7 Weekly Challenges are offering for the week of 14 December.

GT7 Weekly Challenges 21 December

GT7’s Weekly Challenges update at midnight local time on Wednesday evenings or Thursday mornings depending on your time zone. To access them, you’ll need to have completed GT Cafe Menu Book 39 and watched the ending movie.

This week’s GT7 Weekly Challenges start on 21 December at midnight local time and end the same time on 28 December.

You'll earn a cool 750,000 credits from reward tickets for getting at least 3rd place in each race. That can go over a million when factoring in the earnings from your position in each race.

Sunday Cup

Broad Bean Raceway – 2 laps

GT7 Weekly Challenges 21 December Race 1
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We start with a simple two-lap race around the easiest circuit in GT7, Broad Bean Raceway.

There is no PP limit in this race, but the game suggests a 380 PP car to keep it balanced. You'll be racing against the slowest cars around and there's only 5,000 credits for first place, so just grab the fastest road car you have and smash this race out nice and fast!

European Sunday Cup 500

Brands Hatch - GP - 2 laps

GT7 Weekly Challenges 21 December Race 2
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The next race takes you to Brands Hatch for two laps of the GP layout. Again, there is no PP limit.

You will have to use a European road car, and the suggested PP is 500 so it will need to be ungraded and tuned if you want to win.

World Touring Car 600

Barcelona - Rallycross - 6 laps

GT7 Weekly Challenges 21 December Race 3
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Now we're talking! This six-lap rallycross race is always great fun. The only restriction here is that you must be using dirt tyres and be 600 PP or under.

The rallycross layout of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is good fun and quite tight and twisty, so using a strong Gr. B car is a good option here.

Special Event - One-Make Race

Watkins Glen - Long Course - 5 laps

GT7 Weekly Challenges 21 December Race 4
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The new race this week is a strict one-make race using the Honda Civic Type R (EK). You can only use the '97, '98, or Touring Car version here. However there is no PP limit, so feel free to make some upgrades.

The Watkins Glen long course favours a good balance between top speed and handling and always makes for great racing.

World Touring Car 800

Nurgburgring - Endurance - 3 laps

GT7 Weekly Challenges 21 December Race 5
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The final race this week is a brilliant one and pays 200,000 credits for first place. You have to do 3 laps of the Nurburgring & Nordschleife combined in cars with an 800 PP limit.

There's also 5x fuel consumption and 10x tyre wear just to make things even more complicated. The best option here is to de-tune a Gr.1 car. You might end up losing time down the big straight but the extra downforce & fuel tank will have you lapping quickly.

As Polyphony has yet to announce if GT7 players will get any new cars for Christmas, a December monthly update looks increasingly unlikely so we may need to wait until January for the next content update. We already know one of the new cars will be the gorgeous Genesis Vision GT Concept

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