GT Sport Daily Races 14 February: Tearing up Tsukuba

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The release of Gran 7 is fast approaching, but the Daily Races continue in GT Sport. Don’t forget that player data from GT Sport will automatically transfer to GT7, so now is a great time to put in some practice and improve your Driver and Sportsmanship rating ahead of GT7.


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Let’s find out which three Daily Races await GT Sport players this week.

Table of Contents

Race A

Tsukuba Circuit – 6 laps

The first race of the week takes you to the Tsukuba Circuit with a one-make race putting you behind the wheel of the Mazda Roadster S. Its nippy handling is well-suited to the tight and twisty Japanese track.

Gran Turismo Sport Tsukuba
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Race A has you tearing up the Tsukuba Circuit in a Mazda Roadster S

Lasting six laps, this 12-car race has a grid start. You’ll be racing on Sports Hard tyres with no tyre wear or fuel consumption.


Race B

Red Bull Ring – 5 laps

The second event switches to the Red Bull Ring for a five-lap race in a Gr.4 car of your choice. You’ll be racing on Racing Medium Tyres.

Gran Turismo Sport Red Bull Ring 1
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Race B puts you in a GR.4 car of your choice at the Red Bull Ring

There is no tyre wear or fuel consumption, and the 16-car race will have a rolling start.


Race C

Sardegna Road Track A – 10 laps

Finally, the third race takes us to Sardegna Road Track A, a fictional circuit introduced in GT Sport with stunning scenery. This ten-lap race will test your skills in Gr.3 cars. Any GR.3 car in your garage is eligible for this event.

Gran Turismo Sport Sardegna Road Track A
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With 8x tyre wear and 2x fuel consumption, Race C is going to be gruelling

The 20-car race will have a rolling start and requires Racing Soft and Racing Medium tyres. With 8x tyre wear and 2x fuel consumption, this will be a gruelling race. There is also a mandatory pit stop.