How to change camera view in Gran Turismo 7

It’s finally time to hit the track in Gran Turismo 7. GT7 can be played in a variety of camera views, but how do you change the camera view in Gran Turismo 7?

Read on to find out.

Configure the controls

There are four camera views to choose from in GT7: exterior, bonnet, bumper, and cockpit. Each view offers different advantages, but it all comes down to player preference.

During a race, you can change the camera view in GT7 by pressing the R1 button. This is the default setting for changing the camera view.

Gran Turismo 7 controller settings
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Enter the controller settings to change the button for changing the camera view

If this isn’t your preference, you can also remap the controls and change the button for changing the camera view. To do this, hit the pause menu by pressing the Start button. Then go to the Options menu and select Controller Settings. Hover over the Button Assign section and press the cross button to bring up the menu for remapping the controls.

This menu can also be accessed in the GT Menu by pressing the GT logo in the top left corner of the World Map. Then press R1 to scroll over to Controllers and select Wireless Controller 1P. If you’re using a wheel, select your specific wheel from the list.

From here, use the d-pad or left analogue stick to select your preferred button by pressing cross. Then select Change View to reassign the camera change view button.

Which camera view should you use?

Which camera view you use in Gran Turismo 7 is down to your personal preference – it’s up to you! The third-person exterior camera positioned behind the car gives you a better viewpoint of competitor cars.

Gran Turismo 7 cockpit view
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The cockpit is the most immersive and realistic camera view in GT7

On the other hand, the cockpit camera is more immersive and realistic. Alternatively, if you want to practice your racing lines, the bumper camera gives the best view of the track.

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