How to turn off music in Gran Turismo 7

The official Gran Turismo 7 Find Your Line soundtrack features over 300 tracks from 75 artists including Nothing But Thieves and Bring Me The Horizon. But for some players, listening to music while driving in racing games is distracting. Here’s how to turn off music in Gran Turismo 7.  

Turn off music in Gran Turismo 7

By default, in-game music is switched on. If you would rather let the engine notes be your driving soundtrack, there’s an easy way to turn music off in Gran Turismo 7.

To turn off music in Gran Turismo 7, go to the GT Menu by selecting the GT logo in the top left corner of the World Map. Under the Global section, scroll over to the Sound Volume and press the cross button. Scroll down until you see the “Play Race BGM” option. Press cross to turn it off. This will disable background music during races.

Gran Turismo 7 turn music off
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You can also adjust the volume of the race background music in the “Race BGM” option below. To turn the volume down, select this option and turn the slider down to zero. If the constant background music in the main menus, you can switch it off too. In the Sound Volume menu, search for the Menu Music option and turn the slider down to zero to disable it. Likewise, turning off the Replay music can be disabled the same way in the Replay BGM option.

Music Rally mode

If you enjoy driving with music, GT7’s new Music Rally is the perfect mode for you.

Gran Turismo 7 Music Rally mode menu
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This new casual mode has you passing through checkpoints to add more beats as a song plays in the background. The aim is to finish the entire song without running out of beats. It’s a fun new mode that can be accessed from the main menu by exiting the World Map.

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