How to Turn on the Radar in Le Mans Ultimate

How To Turn On The Radar In Le Mans Ultimate

How To Turn On The Radar In Le Mans Ultimate

Endurance racing is one of the hardest racing classes in the world. Maintaining concentration for large periods of time takes its toll, with collisions inevitable, especially during the night. The same is the case in virtual endurance racing, but thankfully the virtual world has a tool the real world does not.

Let’s take a look at how to turn on the radar in Le Mans Ultimate.

Crashing out

You know how it goes, you’re coming towards the end of a gruelling endurance race, you can see the finish line in sight, and then you crash out of the race because you didn’t see that car on your inside.

How To Turn On The Radar In Le Mans Ultimate
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Being aware of your surroundings is one of the hardest aspects of endurance racing. Staying concentrated for hours at a time, including during the early hours of the morning, is key to getting through the race in one piece. But there’s always that moment when a car passes you that you didn’t even know was there.

In the real world, not seeing a rival out on track is a potential race-ender. The same is true in sim racing, with that lapse in focus potentially undoing the perfect race performance. Thankfully, it is possible to turn on a radar in Le Mans Ultimate, but it’s not always easy.

How to turn on the radar in Le Mans Ultimate

There are two main ways to turn on the radar in Le Mans Ultimate. Both utilise the Tiny Pedal plugin for iRacing.

How To Turn On The Radar In Le Mans Ultimate
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The first and easiest method to enable the radar is to use SimHub. Simply head to the Le Mans hub, click on ‘Game/Telemetry config’, then enable automatic game configuration. Easy!

If you don’t use SimHub, it is also possible to manually add the required plugins for the radar to work. This does, however, require a lot more work.

First, you need to install the Tiny Pedals plugin. This can be found via the plugin’s GitHub page. This plugin has been designed specifically for iRacing, however, so we need to get it to work with Le Mans Ultimate.

Luckily for us, creator Dan Suzuki has the solution. You can watch his full Le Mans Ultimate radar tutorial below:

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the necessary files, head into Le Mans Ultimate while making sure you have Tiny Pedals running. It’s important to note that the game must be running in windowed or windowed borderless mode for Tiny Pedals to work correctly.

In Tiny Pedals, scroll down the ‘Widget’ tab until you find the radar widget. Switch this to on, and you’re ready to race.

If you want to customise things further, make sure that the ‘Lock overlay’ and ‘grid mode’ options are unchecked. This will allow you to move the radar to where you need it onscreen. You can also adjust the various options in the radar config to make it more to your liking.

Now you can hit the track without hitting the competition.

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