New Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown details coming soon

Nacon is hosting a surprise Connect event in March, but Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown won’t be part of the games lineup. This was disappointing considering the lack of gameplay shown and the hype surrounding TDUSC.

However, it turns out that KT Racing will reveal new TDUC details sooner than expected.

New Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown details coming soon

In an official TDUSC Discord channel message shared on Reddit, new Community Manager Caprii revealed we can look forward to “exclusive TDUSC information before the Nacon Connect event.”

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown
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“I am aware of the particularly high expectations regarding TDUSC. The nostalgia of the first titles, and the bonds that this community have formed are indestructible,” he wrote.

“Having just arrived at Nacon, I’m still in the onboarding phase, but I’ll be happy to discuss with the various content creators, moderators, and TDUSC enthusiasts in due time!”

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown
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“I’ve already started working with eh marketing team, and I’m proud to announce that you can expect exclusive information about TDUSC before the Nacon Connect, which will take place on March 9, 2023.”

What will be shown?

Although TDUSC won’t be shown at the March Nacon event, this surprise announcement means we’ll find out new TDUSC details in less than 30 days. It’s not clear what KT Racing is planning, but it’s important to temper expectations.

We’re unlikely to see gameplay, but we may get some new in-engine screenshots or possibly a new teaser trailer.

This drip-feed of new information could be building up to a proper look at the open-world racer at Nacon’s annual July Connect event.

Set in a 1:1 recreation of Hong Kong Island, TDUSC was announced back in 2020 and was originally slated for a September 2022 release before being delayed to 2023. A release date still hasn’t been confirmed and only a few seconds of gameplay have been shown.

KT Racing’s ongoing silence hasn't helped, but an official update will help ease concerns about the game’s lengthy development.

Understandably, KT Racing won’t show TDUSC gameplay until the game is ready to prevent disappointing fans. "We want to be sure we won’t disappoint TDU fans," Creative Director Alain Jarniou told us in an interview with KT Racing. "We’re taking the time we need to make the best game possible."

But with stiff competition from The Crew Motorfest coming this year, KT Racing needs to rekindle excitement for TDUSC sooner rather than later.

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