Weekly racing game news roundup 02 September: First F1 Manager 2022 post-release update, Rocket League Season 8 & more

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First F1 Manager 2022 post-release update

F1 Manager 2022
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Following the early access launch, F1 Manager 2022 was finally released on PC and consoles for players who didn’t pre-order. Just one day after launch, the first F1 Manager 2022 post-launch update landed.

Update 1.6 fixes issues with gearbox wear and the focus bar and also tweaks the AI. You can read the full patch notes here.

Rocket League Season 8 revealed

Rocket League Season 8
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Rocket League Season 8 was revealed in full. Launching next week on 7 September, Season 8 has a street racing theme and will bring a new Rocket Pass, Arena, and cosmetic items.

Notably, the Rocket Pass will feature a real car for the first time: the Honda Civic Type R.

PlayStation Plus September games could hint at Need for Speed 2022 reveal

Need for Speed Heat
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It’s now September, and there’s still no sign of Need for Speed 2022. We still don't know exactly when NFS 2022 will be revealed, but September’s PlayStation Plus games lineup could offer a clue.

Next week, Need for Speed Heat will be free to download on PlayStation Plus Essential on 6 September. Could this coincide with the long-awaited reveal of NFS 2022? It would certainly make sense, but we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

In other news…

In other racing game news, you can now play car football with the Ferrari 296 GTB in Rocket League, with the Italian manufacturer making its debut in the popular Soccar game.

Horizon Chase 2 was also announced as a direct sequel to the popular retro racer Horizon Chase, coming to Apple Arcade this month followed by a console and PC launch in 2023.

Horizon Chase 2
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F1 esports also returns this month with a brand new format. You can find out the full F1 esports 2022 schedule here.

Gran Turismo 7 received a minor update fixing several known issues, the electric Porsche Mission R is coming to iRacing, and the FR X-22 hybrid single seater is now available in RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Mario Kart Tour is also finally getting a Battle Mode and a new Spotlight Shop to replace the criticised gacha elements.

In case you missed it…

F1 Manager 2022 is out now, and while it’s excellent when you consider it's Frontier Development’s first F1 Manager game, there are several missing features we hope to see in sequels - these are the three things we think F1 Manager is missing.

Driver San Francisco
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Over ten years after its release, Driver San Francisco is one of the best and most innovative multiplayer driving games we’ve ever played. With the servers shutting down next month, we looked back at what made this multiplayer masterpiece so special.

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