Weekly racing game news roundup 19 August: Burnout creators announce new game, New Need for Speed 2022 leaks, & more

Welcome to Rear View Mirror, your weekly racing game news roundup. Get up to speed on all the latest racing games from the past week. It’s been another busy week in the world of racing games, so let’s dig in.

Burnout creators reveal Wreckreation

Wreckreation screenshot
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Arcade racing fans rejoice: Burnout is back. Well, kind of. If you’re pining for a new Burnout game, Wreckreation looks like it will scratch that itch.

From the creators of Burnout, Wreckreation looks like a cross between Burnout and Trackmania. Announced at the THQ Digital Showcase, players race around a massive open map with the ability to add objects such as ramps, loops and giant rubber ducks on the fly. It’s a unique concept and we can’t wait to see more.

New Need for Speed 2022 gameplay details leak

Need for SPeed 2022 leaked screenshot
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Need for Speed 2022 still hasn’t been officially announced, but the rumours keep on coming.

According to a Reddit user who claims to know an EA employee, the new Need for Speed will bring back cop chases. The leaker says cars left abandoned on the map can be stolen, triggering high heat police chases with Corvette cop cars and SWAT vans chasing you down.

Intriguingly, the long-rumoured anime-style visuals will also allegedly incorporate text graphics, with “bang” appearing on screen when you smash into objects.

Will we finally see Need for Speed 2022 next week during Gamescom? All eyes will be on EA.

Countdown to F1 Manager 2022

F1 Manager 2022 screenshot
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After months of anticipation, F1 Manager 2022 is almost here. With excitement for the motorsport management game reaching fever pitch, Frontier Developments released the final Feature Focus video, which takes a closer look at race days in F1 Manager 2022.

We get to see the multiple broadcast-style camera angles available as well as how decisions you make can affect the outcome of the race.

For completionists, the F1 Manager 2022 trophy and achievement list was also revealed in full along with driver ratings for Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

In other news…

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In other news, Forza Horizon 5 Series 11 has begun, with the Rami’s Racing History patch update adding a new Horizon Story celebrating Mexico’s car history and Festival Playlists featuring historic race cars.

Forza Horizon 5 Rami's Racing History
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After a product listing leak edon Amazon NASCAR Rivals was officially announced for Nintendo Switch. This will be the only official game of the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series.

f1 22 was also the most downloaded PlayStation game in July – but will it be knocked off the podium when F1 Manager 2022 launches next week?

It’s been a great week for destruction racing fans. Not only was Wreckreation revealed by the creators of Burnout, but Wreckfest is getting a surprise mobile port.

Eight months after it was announced, Dakar Desert Rally finally has an October release date. This isn’t the only new dirt racer, as the release date for World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing was also revealed in a new gameplay trailer.

Dakar Desert Rally screenshot
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For fans of retro racing, the iconic water racer Wave Race 64 made a splash on Nintendo Switch and the retro-inspired Circuit Superstars received a substantial update adding a Sprint Car and two new tracks.

In case you missed it…

With F1 Manager 2022 launching next week, we’ve rounded up the five best features you need to know about.

We also sat down with Executive Producer Adam Woods to find out how F1 Manager 2022 will change the world of Formula 1 gaming.

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