4 of the best driving games since 2010

The 2010s was a decade full of next-generation consoles and advanced computers. In the mix of all the new consoles that came out was a plethora of racing games.

Some of these titles have gone on to be the best of the best when thinking about racing. From Grand Turismo to Hotshot racing, many franchises have become fan favourites over the past ten years.

We have compiled a list of the best driving games that revved into our hearts during the past decades. Strap in.

Forza Horizon 4

A game that needs no introduction when talking about the best driving games. Forza Horizon 4 is Playground games' prize possession. A title that oozes class, the game takes beautiful scenery plucked from the best roads in Great Britain and mixes it with the smooth controls and racing that we have all came to love when playing a Forza game.

Forza horizon 4 series 29 porsche 911
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Forza: there are so many stunning vehicles in this game

This game ranks highly on so many peoples lists when it comes to driving games because there is just so much to do. Whether you want to take part in its wide variety of racing tracks or try your luck at death-defying stunts, you will not get bored. There is also a mysterious car that you can find now and then whilst traversing the mountains of the stunning open world.

From customising the many, many cars this game has to offer or busting out a little dance after a satisfying victory, Forza Horizon 4 is simply a fun game any racing fan can enjoy. The world is beautiful, and the racing is exhilarating. We think it ranks among the 2010s best titles.

With it being available on the Xbox game pass, it is also extremely accessible for anyone eager to give it a go.

Need for Speed: Hot pursuit

When EA decided to remaster this beloved title, there was a worldwide scream of excitement. A game that takes explosive driving and combines it with the classic cops versus supercars arcade game. It takes these and blends them into the style of a Need for Speed game. EA needed a win with the title, and they certainly did with this.

need for speed hot pursuit remastered
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Hot Pursuit: EA really went all out with this stunning remaster

Hot Pursuit was a reimagined gem from the minds of Criterion. A franchise that was becoming stale, this game reignited peoples love for Need for Speed and gave fans new open roads to drive on. It's a game that has incredible sound design and fun gameplay. The main focus is on the driver's experience whilst playing. 

Is it an example of how to perfect smooth driving? Not at all, but we can forgive that. It is an immensely popular game, and a beloved remaster. Hot pursuit is one of the best driving games of the 2010s and deserves all the recognition it has gained. we bought it and have no regrets.


Who exactly was the focus group when developers Bizzare Creations made Blur? A game that has all the makings of a classic racing game but fills it with whacky power-ups and crazy gameplay, it's safe to say this title is for everyone. have you always dreamed of shooting a missile at a Nissan whilst going 130mph? If so, then Blur is the game for you.

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Mayhem: Blur is one of the craziest and best driving games around.

Blur has taken the real-life cars seen in many racing games and blended them with a Super Mario level of chaos. Over the top weapons and heart-pounding racing are what makes this game loved by so many. It Is a perfect combination of realism and arcade-style racing. The cars are finely detailed and move at lightning speed, and the game overall feels technically proficient.

Despite being primarily used as an online game, Blur also has an exciting single-player mode. You take on nine different racers and compete against them depending on how many wrecks you get into and how many power-ups you use. The drift and steering are a little stiff, but once you get the hang of it, nothing will stop you from reaching the finish line in this fun racer.

Mario Kart 8: Deluxe

Mario doesn't look like a conventional racing superstar, but you will not hear an argument that doesn't include his name as a legend in the racing game industry. A game that is as simple as it is fun, Mario Kart 8 takes all the perfect features from previous games and blends it with revamped maps and new tracks. It's the ultimate Nintendo Racer.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch
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Mario: A legendary series and this one tops the lot.

The deluxe version of this fantastic game features 48 fun courses and 42 incredibly different characters. The options are limitless! From Bowser jr to Dry bones, everyone is playable. Every track, character and mode is also directly ready from the jump. The deluxe version of Super Mario Kart 8 is incredible on the switch and looks stunning whether you are on 60 or 30 FPS.

From the legendary Rainbow road to The winding Mario circuit, each course is full of remarkable detail that's been missing in previous titles. The whacky weapons and hilarious boosts are all still here, and there is no reason why you shouldn't play with your friends or family. It's fun for all.

The game modes such as Ballon battle features eight unique arenas to square off in and is a nice break away from the more conventional racing. Super Mario kart 8: Deluxe is a tremendous driving game and one that will be a staple of Nintendo for years to come.

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