How to Change Hybrid Boost Settings in EA Sports WRC

EA Sports WRC how to change hybrid boost settings

EA Sports WRC how to change hybrid boost settings

The modern era of rally cars now uses a hybrid boost system to give the acceleration an extra kick when getting up to speed. There are multiple options for getting power out of this system, but how do you change the hybrid boost settings in EA Sports WRC?

Hybrid racing

Rally1 cars in EA Sports WRC utilise a hybrid boost system to provide extra power. This system uses 100kW electric motors to give more acceleration both off the line and out of slower corners.

The system recharges its 3.9kWh battery under braking, meaning you refill the batteries every time you hit the brake pedal. When used correctly, this means getting an extra boost into the batteries when braking for slow corners and then using that boost to get back up to rally speed.

EA Sports WRC how to change hybrid boost settings
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EA Sports WRC recreates the Rally1 hybrid boost, allowing players to use that extra power at the touch of a button. There are three settings players can choose from: cautious, balanced, and aggressive.

Cautious sees a higher throttle input of around 75% needed to activate the boost, balanced sees a mid-range or around 50% throttle input required, and aggressive needs a throttle input of around 25% to discharge the batteries.

It’s important to remember that the hybrid boost system only regenerates under braking. Any throttle input stops the system from recharging, so it’s best to avoid left-foot braking in areas where you need more boost.

So we now know what the hybrid boost system is, let’s find out how to change your hybrid boost settings in EA Sports WRC.

How to change hybrid boost settings in EA Sports WRC

Changing your hybrid boost settings is crucial depending on what type of stage you are racing on. Stages with long straight sections can use a more aggressive approach, draining the battery more quickly, whereas twistier stages need a more cautious setup.

EA Sports WRC how to change hybrid boost settings
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To change your hybrid boost settings, head into the ‘Vehicle Setup’ option in the pre-stage menu. From here, scroll to the far right to the ‘Boost’ option. Then you can select which boost setup to use.

It’s important to note you can only access this menu before a stage begins. This menu is not accessible from the game’s main menu or once you begin a stage. Therefore it’s important to get the setup right before you hit the stage.

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