5 tracks we want to see in F1 23

5 tracks we want to see in F1 23

5 tracks we want to see in F1 23

With the 2023 Formula 1 season well underway, F1 23 is just around the corner.

Codemasters’ annual F1 games replicate the season as closely as possible, with this year’s season bringing the Losail International Circuit and Las Vegas Street Circuit to the calendar.

But after Shanghai and Portimao came to F1 22 in free updates despite not appearing in the 2022 season, we’re hoping Codemasters will bring back more fan-favourite circuits not on the 2023 calendar.

With that in mind, here are five tracks we want to see in F1 23.


Once again absent in this year’s calendar from this year’s races, Shanghai is a popular choice when it comes to missing tracks in Codemasters’ F1 games. Included in both F1 2021 and F1 22 as free updates, Shanghai is the location of Aiden Jackson’s first major triumph in F1.

F1 22 Shanghai
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With Braking Point expected to return this year, it makes sense for Shanghai to return too. With its epically long back straight, tricky middle sector and comically mushroom-shaped opening corner complex, Shanghai is the perfect mix of challenge and fun.


Another track Codemasters has added in free F1 game updates in recent years, Portimao would be a great addition to F1 23's track roster. We were sad to see Portimao left out last year, and even more so when it was excluded again this time around, so we’d love to see it added as a bonus track in F1 23.

F1 22 Portimao
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The Algarve International Circuit, to give it its full name, is more used to seeing two-wheel races rather than four, but it hosted two entertaining races during its brief stint as an F1 track. With its sweeping turns and dramatic elevation changes, Portimao adds a different kind of challenge compared to the almost perfectly flat Albert Park and Silverstone.

Istanbul Park

Istanbul Park is rarely seen in racing games, but we believe it still deserves a place in an F1 calendar. F1 returned to Turkey a few of years ago, but it was a fleeting visit like Portimao, last seen in the 2021 Grand Prix.

F1 2011 Istanbul Park
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Istanbul Park would make for some epic races in the new-generation F1 cars, with its tricky final corners, long straights perfect for overtaking and the infamous Turn 8.


If you ask any F1 fan which track they want back on the calendar, they will most likely say Hockenheim. It’s easy to see why Hockenheim is a popular track among diehard F1 fans.

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The most recent German Grand Prix in 2019 was a race full of changeable conditions, safety car chaos, and, unusually a Daniil Kvyat podium.

Although German Grand Prix previously alternated with the Nurburgring, we’d love to see Hockenheim take the hosting duties exclusively and return to the F1 calendar as soon as possible – if only so we can hear the famous Hockenheim stadium section roar once again.

Paul Ricard

Paul Ricard is one of the most polarising tracks on the F1 calendar, so it’s safe to say many fans rejoiced when it was removed from the 2023 season. Despite this, however, Paul Ricard has seemingly gained a cult following in recent years.

F1 22 Paul Ricard
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While there’s no French Grand Prix this year, Codemasters has already created the circuit for F1 22, so it makes sense for it to return in F1 23 as a bonus track from last year’s season.

Perhaps Braking Point can include a flashback to the 2022 season to justify its inclusion or fast forward to the 2024 season where the circuit makes a triumphant return. It’s a fun circuit to race on if you can look past its garish red, white and blue run-off areas.

F1 23 release date

Codemasters hasn’t revealed the F1 23 release date yet at the time of writing, but the teaser campaign has already begun. F1 23 was announced last month, but we’re still waiting for the full reveal.

F1 22 was announced last year on 21 April, so F1 23’s announcement could be just days away.

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