F1 24 Handling Update Will Bring “Dramatic” Changes

a race car is driving down a race track in a video game .

a race car is driving down a race track in a video game .

Codemasters worked closely with three-time champion Max Verstappen to overhaul F1 24’s handling, but the result is dividing the community. Some players love the new handling while others hate it. Other players have also found exploits such as grass riding to post faster lap times.

This led to Codemasters addressing the community’s concerns as the studio works on a handling patch. While there's no release date yet, F1 24’s handling update is expected to arrive sooner rather than later.  

F1 24’s handling update will be a “big step up”

One of F1 24’s most vocal critics is Alex Gillon. In a lengthy video, the F1 game YouTuber lamented F1 24’s handling, criticizing the sharp front-end, late-corner understeer, and lack of consequences when riding over kerbs at high speed.

However, after getting an early hands-on with the upcoming handling update, Gillon thinks the new handling is“a big step up from last year’s game.” Compared to the update, F1 24’s launch handling feels like “an early pre-alpha” according to the YouTuber.

“I really can't overstate how much better the handling is,” he wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter. “Almost all of my previous concerns have now been almost completely resolved. If I had to nitpick, I'd say the front end is still a little too sharp and you can still take more kerb than you should be able to.”

“But that's it. I'd say other than those small issues, the handling is now a big step up from last year's game, and I really liked the handling last year.”

Two Mercedes racing in F1 24
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F1 24's launch handling feels like "an early pre-alpha"

“It really makes the launch handling feel like an early pre-alpha and now this is the release version, the changes are that dramatic.” The changes are so dramatic that Gillon thinks “F1 24 is saved.”

While Gillon didn’t confirm when F1 24’s handling patch will arrive, it’s apparently coming “quite soon.” 

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Codemasters appears to be listening to community feedback closely, so we’re eager to find out how F1 24’s handling will change after the update. If the changes are as significant as Gillon suggests, you’ll likely need to readjust your setups after the update.

F1 24’s post-launch changes won’t stop there either. Alongside the handling update, Codemasters recently confirmed to RacingGames that a separate update will bring “visual enhancements.”

For more on F1 24, check out our full review and guides on how to change difficulty, use DRS, best controller settings, and more.

Are you looking forward to F1 24’s handling update? Let us know in the comments below.

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