Does Gran Turismo 7 have a campaign?

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One of Gran Turismo Sport’s main criticisms was its lack of single-player campaign. GT is famous for its lengthy campaigns that let you buy a cheap car and tune it into the ultimate sleeper build. A campaign was added to GT Sport in a post-release update, but it lacked the depth of previous campaigns.

Instead, GT Sport focused on online multiplayer racing certified by the FIA. So, does Gran Turismo 7 have a campaign to make up for GT Sport’s shortcomings?

Does Gran Turismo 7 have a campaign?

If you were disappointed by the direction Polyphony took with GT Sport, you’ll be happy to know that GT7 has a campaign that will keep you busy for a long time. It's the ultimate celebration of car culture.

GT7 marks a return to the series’ roots, with a traditional single-player campaign that brings back the Used Car Dealership, Tuning Shop, and GT Auto Shop. Every location is accessed on a new World Map reminiscent of GT4’s central hub.

GT7 menu
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Gran Turismo 7's World Map will bring back memories of GT4

Before you start your Gran Turismo journey, the game begins with a Music Rally while the data installs. Once GT7 is installed, you can skip the Music Rally and start the campaign.

GT Café  


GT7’s campaign centres around the new GT Café. Here, you’ll complete car “menus” that unlock rewards, tracks, and game modes. Each menu requires you to complete specific events or perform tasks like tuning or washing your car. In total, there are 39 menus to complete.

Gran Turismo 7 GT Cafe main menu
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Complete menus at the GT Café. to unlock cars, tracks, and events

You’ll also learn about the history of cars from characters that visit the GT Café. Famous industry people such as Tom Matano who designed the Mazda MX-5 Miata for North America also make an appearance to tell you about the cars they worked on in real life.

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