Gran Turismo 7: Ready Set GT TV Trailer - Final trailer shows positive outlook for GT7

Gran Turismo 7 has been a long time coming. It's hard to believe that GT7 was revealed alongside the PlayStation 5 system itself back in the Summer of 2020. Almost two years on, we're gearing up for GT7's release date and the countdown is well and truly on.

Polyphony have released another GT7 trailer this week. This is the latest in a series of trailers, and this could very well be the final one before release day. So, what does this latest trailer show, and what does it mean for GT7? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Trailer analysis

The beauty of Gran Turismo 7's trailers is the level of detail that Polyphony implement into them. Everything from the beams of light revealing track layouts to circuits such as Albert Park in the background has shown us Easter eggs and hints as to what will be in GT7.

The Ready Set GT TV Trailer is only 30 seconds long, but we see a good amount of action, and easily enough to dissect here.

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MESMERIC SPEED: The latest TV trailer shows us fantastic speed

The trailer begins with the all-too familiar sound of the lights going out. The camera pans to the right, revealing a wide array of cars at a dockyard. This is all while a ray of light zooms around the stationary vehicles.

It's then night-time at the high-speed Tokyo Expressway, a real favourite of GT players. A narrator states the words "This is more than a race, it's a journey". The trailer then shows off a forested circuit, most likely the Deep Forest Raceway, before going into a virtual garage.

The narrator then says "Find what drives you" before stating the game's tagline "Find your line". This is all while we get a montage of the many other options in GT7. These include collecting cars, designing liveries and both tuning and photographing your favourite rides.

A very good sign

We've made it no secret that we think GT7 will be the best GT game in the series' 25-year history. Throughout the long development cycle, GT7 has gone through many changes, but our optimism regarding the game has never wavered.

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LOOKS GOOD ON EVERY FRONT: GT7 looks like a fantastic game, we're so excited for it

GT has made a big emphasis on this game being about much more than racing and that's definitely the case here. In the past, GT was purely about the racing, and for a while, that was fine. However, over time, this has become less acceptable, as the scope of racing games has widened.

Thankfully though, Gran Turismo 7 looks as though it will change this trend and mean that this game is a modern classic.

Full trailer

At just half a minute in length, this is a quick-fire trailer. There's a lot here to unpack, so see if there's something we didn't pick up on:

Release date

Gran Turismo 7 will launch worldwide on 4th March on both the PlayStation 4 and 5.

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