Gran Turismo 7 Soundtrack: Find Your Line OST Track Listing confirmed - Bring me the Horizon, Idris Elba, & more

Gran Turismo 7 will launch in exactly one month's time. News regarding the Real Driving Simulator on next-gen has been coming in thick and fast recently. The latest announcement is the confirmation of the game's original soundtrack. The Find Your Line OST features some huge names and we're so hyped to hear it in March.

Who has been confirmed though, and what options will be available when it comes to when you listen to the music? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Full Track Listing

Nine songs have been confirmed for Gran Turismo 7's Find Your Line and they're as follows:

  1. Vroom – The FaNaTix ft. Idris Elba, Davido, Koffee, Moelogo, Lil TJay
  2. Moon Over The Castle – Bring Me The Horizon
  3. I Don’t Care – Major Lazer ft. Lous and the Yakuza
  4. Life’s Coming in Slow – Nothing But Thieves
  5. Unstoppable – Kim Dracula
  6. BIZCOCHITO – Rosalia
  7. Squad – Disciples ft. GoldLink
  8. Baby It’s You (George Fitzgerald Remix) – London Grammar
  9. Drift – Jawsh685
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RIDEALONG: Will you be listening to these songs while racing in GT7?

The standout there is Bring Me The Horizon's cover of Moon Over The Castle, something which was leaked a few weeks ago. Idris Elba also puts his name to the first track "Vroom" along The FaNaTix, Davido, Koffee, Moelogo, and Lil TJay.

Reveal Trailer

We got a sneak preview of some of the music in the reveal trailer for the Find Your Line OST. We've linked it below if you want to have a listen for yourself:

Where can I buy/stream the music?

Those that buy the 25th anniversary edition of Gran Turismo 7 will be able to download the soundtrack for free. For those that don't own the special edition, it's not clear whether the tracks will be available to stream/purchase. We imagine it will be though, as more availability will increase the game's profile once it launches.

What other music will be available?

The recent State of Play Presentation for Gran Turismo was an absolute goldmine of information. Polyphony CEO Kazunori Yamauchi stated that there would be a total of over 300 songs with a total of 75 artists. That will make it comfortably the biggest library of songs in the series' history.

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MUSIC IN THE MOMENT: You'll have no shortage of songs to choose from in GT7

The majority of these will likely be from the usual genres GT loves to use for its menus and racing.

So, expect plenty of smooth jazz and indie rock to be included in GT7!

New music modes

With this being Gran Turismo, the developers couldn't help themselves when it came to creating new game modes around the music in the game. The first is music replays, where the replay of the race you're watching changes camera angle in time the song you're listening to.

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NOT ALWAYS ABOUT RACING: Sometimes you need to drive rather than race

The second is music rallying, where you drive (not race) with music in the background. You enjoy the music while driving, without having the pressure of winning. Yamauchi has even admitted to turning the music off while racing because he finds it hard to concentrate. So, this will satisfy your driving while listening to music needs.

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