How to change Gran Turismo 7 split screen options

Split-screen multiplayer is surprisingly rare in modern racing games. Online racing is more popular than ever, but you can’t beat battling with someone sitting next to you on the sofa. We were relieved to find that GT7 lets you race in two-player split-screen.

Here’s how to change Gran Turismo 7 split screen options if you want to customise the experience.

How to unlock 2P split screen

Unfortunately, you can’t jump into a two-player split screen race straight away if you’re playing GT7 for the first time. Before you can access two-player split screen, you need to unlock the Multiplayer location on the World Map.

Gran Turismo 7 Multiplayer location
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You need to unlock Multiplayer before you can enter a split screen race in GT7

This is unlocked after completing GT Café Menu 9. Once the menu is completed, the Multiplayer location appears in the bottom right of the World Map.

How to change Gran Turismo 7 split screen options

Make sure both controllers are connected to your PS4 or PS5.

To start a two-player split screen race, navigate to the Multiplayer location on the World Map using the d-pad or left analogue stick and press Cross. Then select 2P Split Screen. You’ll then be presented with options to change the race settings, car, and track.

Gran Turismo 7 2P split screen race settings
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Yu change the number of laps and choose between a rolling or grid start in 2P split screen races

Race settings allows you to choose between a grid start or a rolling start. You can also set the number of laps between one and 99. Once both players have chosen a car, press Start Race to get racing.

We’re hoping Polyphony will expand GT7’s limited split-screen options in future updates. Currently, there are no options to adjust driving settings for individual players or use cars in your garage.

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