How to play split-screen in Gran Turismo 7

With hundreds of cars to collect, lots of race events, and license tests to complete, Gran Turismo 7’s exhaustive single-player campaign will keep you busy for hours. But if you want to play with other players rather than race against the AI, it’s not as straightforward as you might think. We’ve shown you how to unlock the online Sport mode, but here’s how to play split-screen in Gran Turismo 7.

How to unlock two-player split-screen in Gran Turismo 7

In Gran Turismo 7, several core features are locked until you progress through the GT Café. Like Sport mode, split-screen multiplayer in GT7 is not available from the start.

To unlock split-screen multiplayer in GT7, you need to complete GT Café Menu 9: Tokyo Highway Parade. In this two-race championship, you need to finish in third place or above to complete the menu.

GT multiplayer now open
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You have to progress through the GT Cafe before you can play split-screen in Gran Turismo 7

After completing the menu, a new Multiplayer location will appear at the bottom right of the World Map. Scroll over to this location to access multiplayer. From here, you can choose to enter an online lobby or play a local split-screen multiplayer race.

The host can then change the track, time of day, and the number of laps. Both players then select their car before the host starts the race.

Up to two players can race together in split-screen multiplayer and enjoy some heated battles on the sofa. However, it’s worth noting that the player host won’t earn credits in split-screen races to use in the campaign mode.    

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