Where is Gran Turismo 7's June 2024 Update?

Where is Gran Turismo 7's June 2024 Update?

Where is Gran Turismo 7's June 2024 Update?

Summer has arrived, with Gran Turismo 7 players looking for new content to help escape the heat. Despite the speculation of a new update coming at the end of June, no update has yet been teased for the game.

Because of that, there’s one question on the mind of the Gran Turismo 7 community: where is the Gran Turismo 7 June update?

Summer racing

When the sun’s out, there’s nothing better than evading the heat by clocking up the laps in your favorite racing game. For the PlayStation crowd, this means booting up Gran Turismo 7 for some laps of Tokyo Expressway in a Nissan GT-R.

Where is Gran Turismo 7's June 2024 Update?
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For players looking for some new content to get stuck into, June was set to bring the latest update to Gran Turismo 7. Expected to be Update 1.49, fans were anticipating new cars being added to the game’s extensive car list.

Fans were also hoping for a new track to race around, with the last new circuit coming over six months ago when Lakeshore Circuit was added in November 2023’s Spec II update.

Those waiting for news on the June update may end up disappointed, however. No official word has come of any update scheduled for the end of June 2024.

Radio silence

Kazanori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony Digital and creator of the Gran Turismo series, usually shares the next update on social media the weekend before it’s due to go live. This builds up the hype for the update, with this post being the first tease of any new content coming to the game.

If there was to be an update coming for the end of June, this would have been shared over the weekend that’s just finished. Sadly for Gran Turismo 7 players, Kaz has remained on radio silence.

His last post on X (formerly Twitter) was the tease for May’s GT7 Update 1.48. This added five new cars to the game, along with a new GT Cafe Menu Book and new engine swaps.

Fans were expecting more of the same in June, with a new circuit also high on players’ wishlists. However, unless Kaz is being unusually slow with his tease, it seems as though June 2024 won’t have an update.

Should Kaz post a teaser of a June 2024 update, we will be the first to let you know.

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