How To Play Le Mans Ultimate In VR

How To Play Le Mans Ultimate In VR

How To Play Le Mans Ultimate In VR

Virtual reality was made for racing games. Being able to experience a racing game in VR is the ultimate immersive experience. Sadly though, it’s not possible to race in Le Mans Ultimate in VR. Or is it?

Here’s how to play Le Mans Ultimate in VR.

Virtual racing

Ever since the emergence of virtual reality, sim racing fans have been clamouring for every racing title to be made compatible with VR. For those unable to go racing around a real track, strapping into a sim rig with a VR headset is definitely the next best thing.

How To Play Le Mans Ultimate In VR
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Once you’ve conquered the motion sickness, virtual racing is the best experience you can have on a sim rig. Being able to turn your head to watch your rivals in your wing mirrors, whilst also having a front-row seat of the perfect overtake, is never going to be matched by a flat or curved monitor.

Le Mans Ultimate sadly does not support VR natively, but there is still a way to go endurance racing in VR. You just need to know how.

How to play Le Mans Ultimate in VR

The method we are about to show you is by the creator Adolfo Bisi. This should work with every VR headset compatible with a PC, but please note it has not been tested with every headset on the market.

Before you start, you first need to run Le Mans Ultimate and head to the settings menu. Here, head to the ‘Graphics’ tab, where you’ll need to make some changes.

How To Play Le Mans Ultimate In VR
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First, make sure your ‘Window Mode’ setting is set to ‘Windowed’. Then ensure your ‘Vertical Sync’ and ‘FXAA’ settings are set to off. Your ‘FSAA’ setting should also be set to ‘None’ in order for this to work.

Once you’ve changed your settings, apply your changes, then exit out of Le Mans Ultimate.

Now head to your Steam library, right-click on Le Mans Ultimate, and click on ‘Properties’. In the ‘General’ tab, locate the ‘Launch Options’ text box. In this box, you need to type in the expression ‘+VR’ without the inverted commas.

Once this is done, exit the properties window and launch Le Mans Ultimate again. You will now see the game’s logo appear in your VR headset. To get the full VR experience, you’ll need to head into a race weekend session.

It’s also important to note that when you first spawn you may be standing above the car. To fix this, use the ‘Recentre’ option in your VR menu, and you’ll revert to the cockpit of the car.

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Now you’re ready to experience true sim racing.

Although Le Mans Ultimate doesn't officially support VR, it could come eventually. Speaking to RacingGames, Motorsport Games' CEO Stephen Hood confirmed that VR is "definitely on the radar" for Le Mans Ultimate.

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