Forza Motorsport CONFIRMED for Xbox's Developer_Direct stream this month

After a few days of speculation, we finally have confirmation that Forza Motorsport will be part of the upcoming Xbox showcase.

Titled "Developer_Direct", this joint presentation from Xbox and Bethesda will feature plenty of upcoming titles, but the one we care about is Forza Motorsport.

First announced way back in 2020, the rebooted simulation side of the Forza empire is finally about to drop. But what can we expect from Developer_Direct?

Forza Motorsport at Developer_Direct

Xbox's announcement of the livestream comes a few days after the rumours first surfaced, and we are delighted to see they were true!

Coming on Wednesday 25 January at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm GMT, the showcase will highlight the latest information on Xbox's upcoming titles.

Games like Elder Scrolls Online, Redfall, and Minecraft Legends will also feature, but for sim racing fans Forza Motorsport is the main attraction.

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Xbox's announcement promises "Forza Motorsport is back, and we can’t wait to share more gameplay and exciting new details."

That's not a lot, but with a spring 2023 release window already confirmed fans should expect a firm Forza Motorsport is back, and we can’t wait to share more gameplay and exciting new details., along with any editions, early access, and more to be given in this show or immediately afterwards.

But what else do we want to see from Developer_Direct?

The final countdown

As the game enters the final few months before release, it's time to see exactly what fans can expect from the rebooted, serious side of Forza.

What is the single-player gameplay like? Are there multiple game modes like GT7's Missions or Licence Tests? Or are we getting a road to glory through the racing categories?

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Getting a look at menu, UI, and in-engine gameplay will be crucial for players. With all the amazing racing games available right now, especially for PC players, being assured of a smooth and engaging experience will go a long way to ensuring the racers are still excited to play Forza Motorsport.

While we already know a lot about the new physics and handling model, more detail is never a disappointment, but the car list and track list remain the biggest question marks for players.

We've seen a good mix of cars already, from old open-wheelers to modern GT racers, but the tracks we have seen are far fewer. Getting our hands on some classics like Watkins Glen, Suzuka, and Monza will be key, but original tracks and lesser-seen ones like Road America would also be amazing.

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