Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Gameplay Video Reveals New Details

a car is driving down a narrow street at night .

a car is driving down a narrow street at night .

After a long wait, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown finally has a release date, with last week’s new trailer confirming we’ll be hitting the streets of Hong Kong Island in September.

While the trailer was only a couple of minutes long, a new extended gameplay video provides our best look at Nacon’s open-world racer yet.

Watch over ten minutes of new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown gameplay

YouTuber GameRiot has shared over ten minutes raw Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown gameplay footage from a hands-on preview during Bigben Week, where Nacon also announced its first direct drive wheel and new racing division.

In the video, GameRiot confirms there will be three starter cars to choose from in the prologue: the 2024 Ford Mustang GT, Nissan 370Z, and Alpine A110. You’ll need to choose wisely because you'll be spending a lot of time in this car.

You’ll need to work hard to earn your dream car: KT Racing estimates unlocking the best cars in the game will take over 100 hours. It’s a slower but more rewarding progression system than Forza Horizon 5, which liberally gifts free cars in Wheelspin slot machines. Credits can be earned by drifting, clean driving, and reaching certain speed limits.

First look at player garages

We also get a first look at player garages, where you’ll be able to store up to six cars. Garages are accessed through an elevator at the Solar Crown Hotel, a hub where you can socialize with other players and show off your car collection. Extra slots may be added in future updates depending on player feedback.

Sadly, buyable properties won’t be available at launch, despite being a staple of the series. According to KT Racing, players were more interested in visiting each other’s garages rather than owning houses in previous games, so the Solar Crown Hotel was added as a compromise.

a mercedes g65 final edition is displayed in a video game .
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After reaching level five, you unlock the workshop where you can customize your car and install upgrades. As you rank up, the AI opponents will get faster and more difficult during offline races.

Also don't expect to smash into the scenery without losing speed like in Forza Horizon 5 and The Crew Motorfest: Gameriot notes that hitting lamp posts will slow you down, so you'll need to be careful when racing through the streets at high speed.

Ford GT in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown
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Visually, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown looks impressive, with atmospheric lighting and detailed environments. While it doesn’t look as polished as Forza Horizon 5, it’s worth remembering that KT Racing isn’t an AAA studio like Playground Games.

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Our only concern is that Hong Kong Island still looks lifeless. Traffic is sparse in places, and there are no pedestrians. Hopefully, this can be improved as we get closer to launch.

Open beta and release date

As it’s an online-focused game, ensuring the servers run smoothly at launch will be crucial. As such, KT Racing is hosting an open beta from August 27 to 30 for those who preorder the Silver Streets, Silver Sharps, and Gold Editions. A VIP beta will also be held for Gold Edition players between August 13 and 18.

A red Ford Mustang driving through a toll booth in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown
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After years of delays, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is just around the corner. As a reminder, the Standard Edition will be released on September 12 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

However, those who preorder the Silver Sharps and Streets editions will get two days early access from September 10, while Gold Edition players will get even earlier access from September 5.

What do you think of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown's latest gameplay footage? Let us know in the comments below.

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