F1 24 Announcement Could be Imminent

F1 24 announcement seemingly coming soon

F1 24 announcement seemingly coming soon

Rumours are rife that F1 24 will be released earlier than usual, with reports suggesting a late May release. Now, EA is seemingly preparing to announce F1 24 sooner rather than later, with the official game page already live.

Official F1 24 page goes live

Ahead of an official announcement, the official F1 24 game page is now live. There is no artwork or game details, with the page only confirming that year’s game is “coming in 2024” and will be called F1 24 as expected.

F1 24 game page
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While that doesn’t give us much to go on, it suggests EA is preparing to announce F1 24 soon – possibly as early as this week. This follows EA recently holding an F1 24 feedback session with influencers, suggesting this year's F1 game could already be in beta testing.

When will F1 24 be announced?

Rewinding back to last year, F1 23 was first teased on 3 March ahead of the opening round in Bahrain, with EA hinting a “fresh start” for the series.

This was followed by another teaser on 28 April with a live-action video revealing the fictional Konnersport team car in Braking Point 2. F1 23 was then fully revealed on 3 May with an announcement trailer and details on new features such as F1 World and Braking Point 2.

F1 23 screenshot Red Bull
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This means we may get a teaser for F1 24 rather than a full reveal, with reliable leaker billbil-kun claiming EA will announce F1 24 tomorrow, 27 February. The same leaker also says F1 24 will be released on 31 May, with Champions Edition players getting early access on 28 May, but EA has yet to confirm this.

That's earlier than usual: F1 23 and F1 22 came out on 16 June and 1 July respectively. It seems that EA wants the series to allign with the real-world championship more closely.

Even if we don’t get a full reveal, it makes sense for EA to announce F1 24 this week to start building hype around the start of the 2024 season, with the opening Bahrain Grand Prix race set to take place this weekend on 2 March.

What can we expect in F1 24?

With no driver shakeups or new circuits on the calendar this year, Codemasters is under pressure to push the series forward. With F1 23 focusing on Braking Point 2 and F1 World, fans are hoping to see improved Career and My Team modes and the return of classic cars, which haven’t featured in an F1 game since F1 2020.

F1 23 Las Vegas
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After EA Sports WRC switched to Unreal Engine, F1 24 could also ditch Codemasters’ in-house Ego engine that's powered every F1 game since F1 2010 when the studio first acquired the rights. A new engine would bring some overdue graphical and physics revamps.

Hopefully, we'll get official news on F1 24 from EA this week - let the excitement and speculation begin.

What are you hoping to see in F1 24? Let us know in the comments below.

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