Best Racing Games On PlayStation Plus Premium

Best PlayStation Plus Racing Games

Best PlayStation Plus Racing Games

Sony launched new Premium and Extra tiers for PlayStation Plus last year, but which are the best racing games on PlayStation Plus Premium over a year later?

PS+ is Sony’s answer to Xbox Game Pass, and these subscription services let you access a comprehensive catalogue of the best PlayStation racing games.

With modern games and those from previous generations included, there are a lot to choose from.

There are plenty of great racing games on PlayStation Plus Premium too, and here are five that we think you need to give a go!

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Surprisingly, there are no Gran Turismo games on PlayStation Plus Premium at the time of writing. Fear not though sim racing fanatics, because there is an excellent alternative.

Assetto Corsa Competizione is regarded as one of the best PC sim racers of all-time. Luckily for PlayStation owners, it’s no longer PC-exclusive, also making it one of the best sim racing console games.

Best racing games on PlayStation Plus Premium Assetto Corsa Competizione
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The official game of the GT World Challenge, ACC boasts a large roster of GT racing cars along with stunning weather effects and iconic racing circuits around the world. Its ultra-realistic driving physics makes it more challenging than Gran Turismo - but that’s what makes it so rewarding.

With a recent physics update and car and track pack DLC bringing the PS5 game on par with its PC counterpart, there’s never been a better time to take Assetto Corsa Competizione for a spin on PlayStation.


If you don’t care about shaving seconds off lap times and just want to smash up cars, Wreckfest is the game for you. A spiritual successor to the original Destruction Derby games, Wreckfest is all about full-contact racing and spectacular crashes.

Crashes are inconsequential in most racing games due to manufacturers not wanting to see their models getting damaged by players in the virtual world. However, things couldn't be more different in Wreckfest!

Thanks to its advanced soft body damage model, your car gets reduced to a crumpled wreck by the end of each race.

Best racing games on PlayStation Plus Premium Wreckfest
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Also available on PlayStation Plus Premium is Destruction AllStars, which also attempted to revive car combat games on PS5. But unlike Destruction AllStars, Wreckfest lets you wreak havoc on race tracks as well as arenas. It also features a lengthy single-player campaign as well as car customisation. 

With an upgraded 4K resolution and DualSense controller haptic feedback making you feel every impact, Wreckfest looks and plays better than ever on PS5.

The Crew

With The Crew Motorfest now available on PS5, there's a lot of attention around Ubisoft's series. If you're a PS+ subscriber, you'll be able to enjoy the original The Crew game for no extra charge.

If you ask someone what the best open-world racing game is, they’ll probably say Forza Horizon 5. While that's a good answer, that game isn't available for PlayStation owners.

Best racing games on PlayStation Plus Premium The Crew
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Credit: Ivory Tower / Ubisoft

Launched back in 2014, The Crew has become one of the PlayStation’s most popular racing games.

Like its sequel The Crew 2, the entire United States of America is your driving playground, giving you the freedom to go on extended road trips with friends, enter street races, or complete challenges.

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Split/Second Velocity

No other driving game makes you feel like you’re in a Michael Bay movie like Split/Second.

Originally released for PS3 back in 2010, Split/Second Velocity is an adrenaline-pumping action-driving game set in a reality TV show where you trigger traps to take out opponents.

These epic setpieces still hold up today, from track-side explosions to crash-landing jumbo jets and collapsing buildings that change the route of the track. Every lap is exhilarating, and the cinematic visuals have aged remarkably well for a PS3 game.

Best racing games on PlayStation Plus Premium Split/Second
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Sadly, Split/Second was a commercial failure, leading to developer Black Rock Studios closing its doors and cancelling a sequel.

The Xbox 360 version has been backwards compatible on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S for several years, but Split/Second was never ported to PlayStation 4 or 5 after its original PS3 release.

Thanks to the PS3 streaming service on PlayStation Plus Premium though, PlayStation gamers can finally rediscover one of the best action-driving games ever made.

Wipeout Omega Collection

With its fast-paced futuristic racing, iconic art style, and thumping techno soundtrack, the original WipEout put Sony’s original PlayStation on the map in the mid-1990s.

We haven’t had a new WipEout game in ten years, but the Omega Collection reminds us what we’ve been missing.

Best racing games on PlayStation Plus Premium WipEout Omega Collection
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With WipeOut Omega Collection, you’re getting two games in one. This essential compilation contains every ship and anti-gravity track from the PlayStation 3’s WipEout HD and the underrated WipEout 2048 PlayStation Vita.

Despite the age of these games, WipEout Omega Collection looks incredible running in glorious 4K at a buttery smooth 60fps. It even supports PlayStation VR if your stomach can handle it. With Sony seemingly reluctant to revive the series, this could be the last official WipEout game on PlayStation.

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