CarX Street Mods: Which mods could we see?

CarX Street Mods

CarX Street Mods

CarX Street is set to launch later this year and the mods could make the game even better. Mods are a huge part of modern PC gaming, but is it certain that we'll see them in CarX Street?

If we do see them in CarX Street, what could we expect to be available? We've got everything you need to know right here!

CarX Street Mods

CarX Street has only been confirmed for PC so far. However, this is good when it comes to the modding community, as PC modding is very popular on the Steam Store.

CarX Street
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Mods are quite literally limitless in what they can achieve, as they add or remove aspects of a base "vanilla" game. Mods are created by the community of players for a game after its release.

So, with that said, there won't be any available for the start of CarX Street's life cycle. However, this will quickly change, as people will add features to improve the overall experience.

What mods could happen?

Like we said, the possibilities are endless when it comes to modding. Although, we can make an educated guess on what will be popular post-launch, based on CarX Drift Online Racing's mods.

New cars, paint schemes and unique customisation parts are all the order of the day in CarX Drift's mod store.

CarX Steet mods
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We can expect CarX Street's mods to be similar, but also relate to other features which it has. These include more properties to purchase in its Real Estate mode.

We could even see mods that are on the scale of DLCs, with new areas of the map to explore and new Clubs.

Given enough time and interest, it's possible whole new features such as cop chases could be implemented. This is something we explored in our wishlist of features, which may or may not make the full game next year.

Those playing on mobile won't be able to experience in-game modding. Although, this version is out right now!

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