Rocket Racing: How to fix reach Gold rank Quest not working

Rocket Racing: How to fix reach Gold rank Quest not working

Rocket Racing: How to fix reach Gold rank Quest not working

It’s always frustrating when achievements are glitched in games. You work hard to grind a certain level, only for the game to not unlock the reward as you expect. This is a problem facing Rocket Racing players trying to complete the Reach Gold Rank Quest. Thankfully, there is an way to fix it.

Fools gold

Free unlockables are always popular, and the Jackie Skin in Rocket Racing is no different. With no DLC or additional content required to unlock, all you need to do is reach Gold rank and the skin is yours. In theory anyway.

Rocket Racing: How to fix reach Gold rank Quest not working
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As it turns out, this Quest is much easier said than done. Many players have reported reaching Gold rank only for the Quest to remain incomplete. This effectively locks players out of being able to obtain the Jackie Skin.

As you can imagine, this is causing an issue for players. Thankfully, there’s a way to resolve the Quest not completing.

Going for gold

There appears to be a miscommunication as to what ‘Gold rank’ means in this instance. Most players assumed that all they had to do was reach Gold 1 to unlock the Jackie Skin. In reality, reaching Gold 2 is required to unlock it.

As a compromise, developers Psyonix changed the requirement to Gold 1, but players still reported that the Quest wasn’t completing.

In order to complete the requirement, players who have reached Gold 1 need to complete one extra full race. Doing so will mark the Quest as complete, and the Jackie Skin will be unlocked. Players yet to attempt the Quest only need to reach Gold 1 to complete and unlock the skin.

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